Acknowledgement of Country

HSBNE acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet today, the Yuggera and Turrbal people, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.


Ryan Marple

Murray Wayper

Josh Hogendorn

Dave Seff

Ahnika Worsley

Andrew White

Ben Jackson

Raf Kempeneers

Alex Wixted

Ale More

Duncan Greer

Jess Wessling

Frank Lee

Update from treasurer on the groups finances

  • Capital Held ~$20K
  • Cashflow Quarter 22K income, 22K expense
  • Past and Projected Expenditures
  • Debts - disputed amount of $5K with CBRE

Memberships status quo

Large Item account to be established



Volunteer coordinator

Project management

Safety officer - Frank Lee

Apprentice to the secretary, and president treasurer

Marketing, social media, outreach

Culture manager


Charity officer

Infrastructure Manager

Infrastructure Volunteers

Actions: Potentially putting out an email to general membership

Possibly put signs up around space with job descriptions around the space - Thanks Ryan m
People who take on these named roles will be responsible for deciding and defining exactly what these roles involve and are responsible for.

Frank Lee has volunteered for and been accepted as Safety Officer

Treasurer: to give the treasurer the mandate to open a westpac bank account for each team.

Against:0 Abstain:0 - Passed

Treasurer: to give the treasurer the mandate to requisition a westpac debit card in order to streamline our billing and accounting processes.

Against:0 Abstain:1 - Passed

Proposal: Selling last donation's machinery

Against: Abstain:

CAPEX Budget: $700 for Vesa Mounts

We have 16 monitor arms we can’t use without the end mounts. We would like to be able to use them. They are ~$40ea. 40*16=$640

Against: 0 Abstain: eris - Passed

Proposal: Formation of Digifab Team. Monthly Stipend of $300.

Against: 0 Abstain: 0

Ben got the sandblaster working “great”. Wiki has been updated, no induction required.

December was quiet.

Welder sponsorship is quiet

TIG is fixed

Water filter for laser is fixed.

Magnabend is being challenging

Cold cut saw is borked


Gas - in progress. Ryan promised to get it done by the end of this month.

YAG rebraining committee needed


Casual metalshop night second wednesday each month

Machine maintainers needed

December is quiet

Social nights on Monday


Sealing the roofing gap - finished soon

Scrap stillages

Four assorted hand held hammers. So many hammers

More tools are planned


Duties are going well

Team Proposal


Ale Moré

Brett Wilkins

Gary Baker

Plans to consolidate the 3d printers and laser cutters.

Team meeting:

Last Tuesday evening of each month

Budget allocation

Monthly OPEX: $300 per month

100 discretionary

200 consumables

CAPEX items: New laser cutter

Against: 0 Abstain: 0

I've found more flavours for the fanta and starting Thursday night there will be 6 options:

Orange, peach, pineapple, grape, berry and I think strawberry.

I have made a post in craft punk enquiring about Warhammer/minitures painting area and to start having community paint nights.

With a new social media person I'd like to start hosting boardgames nights again.

I have made more concrete plans for Craftpunk and will soon enact them. I plan to run classes and even bring my sister in to give classes on stuff shes more experienced in.


Bought new toolbox

Rearranging space for usability.


Still working on roles and tasks

Paint area still in discussion

Update on progress of each action item from previous meeting

Infrastructure Volunteers Organisation needs infrastructure volunteers ASAP. If noone puts their hand up, things are going to come to a stop.

Speaker Stock

Legal advice was extremely helpful. Response was submitted on time.

Timing of Team actions must be closed by the General meeting for the previous month.

Treasurer will then finalise payments and volunteer discounts to the end of that month.

Committee Meeting days & times

Strategy meeting to be set, Late Jan. Half day to plan out 2023

Agenda to come.

January 29

Office cleanup

February 25th


March 25th

suggestions …

Proposals Approved Proposal: $360 to Buy a roll of 12mm nylon tubing for the compress air on the shops PROPOSAL: Wall mounted fans for green room

Grant Due Date 28 February $100,000 Round

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