Opened 20:00

Acknowledgement of Country

HSBNE acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet today, the Yuggera and Turrbal people, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

Review of last meeting minutes - Approved

Treasurer’s report

New savings accounts for each team has been created with the bank. There is a general plan for how they are to be used forthcoming.

Capital Held

~7K in primary

~2k in legal saving

~15 in saving

Money received from woodshop donation sales have been banked and allocated to budget expenditure as agreed.

~6.5K /month

Retention seems the same. Churn is a little down

Seeing small increase as more people sign in at new rate

Past and Projected Expenditures

Landlord expenditure is pending for rates increases backdated.

President’s Report


HSBNE Response

CBRE Response

See Terms Sheet and Northshore Activations Precinct Budget

Disputed items for action

  • Consultancy fees
  • Water access fees
  • Service levels for issue remediation
  • Flood damage
  • Fire equipment testing
  • Option to form Workshops Body Corp. to deal with CBRE as a block.
  • Clarification on the lease terms

JH- options if lease falls through

  • Find a different government arrangement to work under elsewhere
  • Build income to find commercial lease (double membership or commercial sponsorship)
  • Create business group to lease the space to HSBNE

A solid exit strategy is required.


Information to membership is required - Forum post

General meeting required to discuss.

Committee meeting date to determine strategy

Working bee on 25th

Meeting offsite - TBA

Timing and intinerary


Grant was submitted 28/2/23

Teams and OUs Reports

New TIG and Plasma cutter

Part is doa so being returned

Inductions started

Volunteers fulfilling commitments

Changed dust collector brains

Safety discussion

Visibility and mitigation plans started

SOPs on machines

Restricted to dangerous areas

Looking for additional Team member as Matt is leaving

No progress on projects at this point

Safety items are being examined fro CBRE report

Scrap storage and gas cage are in progress

Moving printers into greenroom is in planning

Team members all contrib

Social meetings starting up.

Repairs and maintenance are in progress on some printers

Signs for device information being made

Plumbing for tap being budgeted

Stained glass workshops may start soon

Miniature painting space is coming along

Social nights are first tuesday of the month


Voting Items

Passed Proposals - Period Elapsed

$750 for fire extinguishers - Proposed by Ryan Marplet

$250 for new door handles for quad and toilet doors - Proposed by Murray Wayper

Safety Budgets - Proposed by Joshua Hogendorn

$250 OPEX General Discretionary Safety Budget

$1500 CAPEX Safety Boost Budget

$21,000 for MOPA Galvo Fibre Marking Laser - Proposed by Joshua Hogendorn

Working Bee



Funds are available for the Bambu and Table Saw but will have to chill next month on Capex.

Meeting closed - 21:45

Signed by President

Date Name

Signed by Treasurer



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