General Meeting 12th of September

Started at 8pm closed at 10pm

Posting with limited time before the meeting so posting without any voting items.


  • Acknowledgement of Country
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Secretary’s report
  • President’s report
  • General business
  • Strategic discussion

Secretary's note: This meeting was called very hastily in order to meet constitutional requirements for monthly meetings that got lost in the chaos of the move. In future the monthly meeting will continue to be on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

70 members

~$70 per member

$5k in the bank after paying bills today

$5k in legal saves

$14k in savings account

Not in dire straits, but position is “pretty average”

$5k per month income

EOI Submitted

Team updates are not required this time but if there is anything to add it can be added

Ale requests current team leaders to affirm they would like to continue leading through the current changes we’re going through, and onwards into the next iteration of HSBNE.

Ale affirms Woodshop and seconds Digifab

Kyia affirms Craftpunk.

No proposals due to limited time before meeting.

Choose date time and location for half day strategy meeting on future of org.

lease opportunity next to paint factory

Ale ran through current negotiations and plans with the Paint Factory

Meetings: when, where and how

More informal meetings, intending to collect members impressions of what machines they want to use first

Status report

Feedback session on the bowls club application process.

Some discussion on strategy

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