This document was created in the July 22nd, 2023 committee meeting.


  • Steve Jordan
  • Alicia
  • Chris
  • Brett Wilkins
  • Murray
  • Ale More
  • Ryan Marple
  • Thomas
  • Josh Hogendorn
  • Chris Curran
  • Kyia Bourne
  • Frank
  • Buzz


  • We’ve been fighting excess cleaning charges. We had a cleaner. CBRE brought their own cleaner on site without notice and sent a bill to us for it.
  • Claimed we were in breach of lease for not paying the bill. They would not issue a new lease while we were in breach.

Issued terms document in April

  • Managed to negotiate water rates out of lease terms. Still would need to pay them.
  • Signed terms with water rates taken out in hopes of disputing water charges.

Issue with lease document

  • No reference in lease to terms document. This would allow for expenses to be charged to us.
  • Landlord claimed other tenants signed leases as-is.
  • We were told we would receive an updated lease.

Received a notice of lease termination under the termination clause of our old lease

  • We don’t know why they have chosen to terminate.
  • Communication breakdown between us and EDQ/CBRE

Dimensions of current space

Metalshop, 120sqm

Woodshop, 90sqm

Could possibly get down to 200sqm commercial space

Estimated cost of real estate at $150/sqm/yr + outgoings of $10k/yr approx $45k/yr in housing costs

Approx 80k year income (6-9k/mo)

Minimum costs of $1k/mo

Cost of shipping container $3.5k

Cost of storing a container $130/mo without access

Cost of shipping container with access at least double

Moving a container is about $350/container

$20k in the bank

Number of current members about 100

30th of August is exit date (otherwise 31st of December for all others at site)


  • Communication to membership
  • Discussion with landlord
  • Site pack up
  • Strategy for site packup
  • Storage
  • Continuity (not packing up everything)
  • Lobbying and media
  • Votes
  • 1st of August becomes the discussion on spending on meetings

Communication to membership

ACTION ITEM: Message everyone - Aleyssa plus exec

  • Email, facebook
  • Discussion post on forums.

Contact with Landlord

ACTION ITEM: talk to landlord, EDQ (Brett M, Buzz, (murray)) Monday or Tuesday

ACTION ITEM: Contact with ministers - Chris Curran Ross,

Tell members everything needs to be taken

Discussion with landlord before member comms


No new membership sign up.

Existing members incentive to remain through downtime.

Communications with Public

Project management

  • Chris Curran
  • Josh Hogendorn
  • Tom Roberts


How many containers 20TU do we need?

1 for YAG, 1 for CNC, 1 for Hildi and rest of metalshop, 1 for woodshop, 1 40’ for main building

3x 20TU + the 40’ we own + skips

Rubbish skip

Donation pile

Assess current assets and sell

ACTION ITEM: All teams to assess essential items

  • What to keep
  • What to sell
  • What to donate AND WHO will handle it.
  • What to dispose

ACTION ITEMS: All members to take own stuff by 16th of August

ACTION ITEMS: Contact someone about buying shipping containers.

ACTION ITEM: Team Leads to propose how they will break down everything

ACTION ITEM: Team Leads to describe time, cost and scope for packing everything

Industrial, 250sqm minimum, electricity

ACTION ITEM: Meet with councillors, state members, federal for looking at spaces

ACTION ITEM: Drive around industrial real estate and get agent details

ACTION ITEM: Contact Universities, Tafes (JH to approach EF tafe),

ACTION ITEM: Spreadsheet: Agents, addresses, phone numbers, zones

ACTION ITEM: Talk to anyone who works at or knows a site occupant who might be able to share with us

DEADLINE of location shortlist - 7 August

  • Online is a mess and not quite realistic about availability
  • Rocklea?
  • Corporate sponsors?
  • Rail? Rail appreciation society
  • Sharing?
  • 5x 40’ containers to take a blank concrete slab

ACTION ITEM auction junk

Support discounts or some kind of incentive to stay

Reinforce that it is a community


Common area equipment management likely to be an issue

Use Taskade for The Plan

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