2019:01:29 - Craftpunk Cause Meeting

Meeting Opened: 20:40
Meeting Closed:
Author: Gabrielle Hewitt

  • Grabielle Hewitt
  • Henry Jobson
  • Brendan Halliday
  • Emily Taylor
  • Paula O'Donnell
  • Micheal King
  • Mike Ando

Emily brought forward her intention to run a cross-stitch event. Paula volunteered to help run future crafting and cosplay events.

Gabrielle spoke about potentially running a costuming event with digi-fab for 3D scanning where cosplayers and other interested peoples can come in a craft for the day and joining a list where they can be scanned for a digital model of themselves. Pointed out that a female would need to be trained in the scanner to allow for modesty and comfort.

This brought forward discussions about a fortnightly cosplay working bee event for the leadup until Gold Coast Supanova in April (12th-14th) the dates suggested by Henry to get events locked in for the 9th and 23rd of February to be proceeding on a fortnightly basis until the convention. Jarod was asked in to ask about whether Supanova could in an official capacity promote or support these types of events, he indicated that he couldn’t see a issue with that but it would be something that would have to be discussed through formal means with the Supanova team.

Meka then brought up locking in a day to run monthly craftpunk meetings. It was decided that the first Tuesday of the month would be the meeting day unless it fell on a general meeting night in which case it moves to the following Tuesday.

Meka posted in the forum agenda with his proposal on purchasing the kitchenette, all present members approved this with the agreed price of $100 to go to the cause funds.

Open Floor Discussion:

Gabrielle brought up the organisation and visual messiness of the cause room, indicating that working within the room is difficult as the only desk space is more of a donation table, and there’s a lot of junk floating around that isn’t usable or too old to be used. Emily pointed out her sorting that she had done prior to the meeting indicating children’s pjs that were just taking up space. Gabrielle indicated her intention to organise and sort through the room but cannot do so until after April but has made a start by sorting through the beading buckets.

Discussion moved onto the Vacuum forming cabinet in the corner. Gabrielle pointed out that it was quite large and in an awkward spot in the room however Meka and Emily spoke about the electric requirement of the machine. The location of the machine is the only reachable spot to the 3-phrase system. Brendan proposed getting it modified down to a single phrase system but that would only then make use of half of the heating capacity. Gabrielle asked if could be moved to another area to open the room more which Brendan spoke of an idea to move to metal shop. Three points about this location were brought forward the first being that the machine getting dirty from the workshop, but this could be fixed with a cover. Another being that there isn’t clean desk space for the materials to be worked on which could cause issues in that capacity and finally a point about whether the metal shop had room or would even accept the vacuum former being rezoned to their workshop.

Gabrielle proposed the idea of creating a smaller vacuum former using the plans that she was going to use for a personal one which Brendan added other ideas on how to go about making one. In this proposal the idea was developed to sell off the current machine for about $250 on gumtree or the Facebook marketplace where the lowest price acceptable could be $220 to help fund the new machine.

Brendan suggested the removal of the cabinet out of the room and left with Henry and Doc to gather help to do so. Gabrielle suggested swapping the machine with the jewellery cabinet until a buyer is found.

Henry proposed running LARP costume/kit classes or events with the promotion in the Warsong LARP Brisbane’s crafting community page. This followed by promoting craftpunk events through cosplay groups on Facebook which Meka (or the persons who organise such events) can contact Gabrielle for a list of groups when that is needed.

Gabrielle also brought up with the remaining CP members that she intends to run Wig Ventilation and sewing classes after the convention in April, but discussion was ceased as it was decided to close the meeting to allow the removal of the vacuum former

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