2019:08:27 - Craftpunk Cause Meeting

Meeting opened: 8:10pm
Meeting closed: 8:58pm

  • Gabrielle Hewitt
  • Aaron Bycroft
  • Mike Ando
  • Timothy Reichle
  • Eris Ryan
  • Paula O'Donnell
  • Brendan Halliday
  • Emily Taylor
  • Meka Beecham

Voting items

Vote on implementing the Cause Operating Policy: Members against: 0 Members abstaining: 1 Vote passed
Vote to spend $800 of the Craft Punk funds on renovations: Members against: 0 Members abstaining: 1 Vote passed

Meeting notes

Meka talked about needing to finalise the renovation budget, today we only need to decide on how much of the craft punk budget we are using, then we will request the remainder from the general membership. Nog checked our financials and said we have $1018, He also mentioned we need to run an event each month to have access to the cause funds. Meka mentioned he is planing to run a pottery/clay sculpture class. Eris says we need some parts for the kiln to make it good again. Mainly new elements. Meka suggested we should spend $800 on renovation and save the rest for emergency and to replace the vacuum chamber as the loaned one has been taken home.

Gabby asked if we are considering asking to use the games room for more craft punk space. Meka said we can consider it, but should do this renovation with the current space, but we will keep in mind how we might split and expand to use more space. Gabby mentioned with extra room we can get an embroidery machine Aaron suggested we should should put forward a vote for the embroidery machine to the general membership sooner rather than later due to other big equipment going up for vote soon. Discussion happened on what dates are most suitable for having working bees. It was agreed we should have a sorting out working bee and a big move, renovate and restructure day.

Dates agreed on: Sorting Bee on Sat 7th Sep Renovate Bee on Sat 28th Sep- possible overflow day 29th Sep

Sorting Bee will be about what to keep, what to put in consumables store and what to throw out. Discussion happened around what we want to do with the room. Multiple members mentioned wanting to get rid of the gross carpet. Gabby mentioned using floating laminate flooring for ease of installation. Meka mentioned using vinyl for ease of cleaning and hard wearing. General agreement that cost will be an issue and that we should look for options and post them on the renovation forum thread. Meka mentioned that we could do a quick paint to make the walls less patchy and that he might have enough paint at home for it. Renovation Bee will roughly structured as follows: moving everything out from the room, building cabinets (check with wood shop), removing fittings, painting walls, putting down new flooring, building new furniture, moving tools back in.

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