2019:11:19 - Craftpunk Cause Meeting

Meeting Opened: 20:20
Meeting Closed: 20:55
Author: Emily Taylor

  • Josh Hogendorn
  • Mike Ando
  • Meka Beecham
  • Michael King
  • Tim Reichle
  • Paula O'Donnell
  • Emily Taylor
  • Brendan Halliday
  • Eris Ryan

Chair: Paula O'Donnell

Looking to continue clearing up and organising.
Eris put together the jewellery making station.
Middle table - probably screen-printing. Needs water nearby.
Standing bench idea discussions.

Consensus on workstations.

  • Sewing
  • Overlocker
  • Dremel/jeweller
  • Messy bench
  • Screen printing
  • Sublimintation printers

Voting Item Painting. Meka has the paint and gear, the idea is to repaint the walls to improve the look of the Craftpunk room.
Abstain 1

  • Voting items for next meeting

Voting item - vinyl or equivalent on the floor, on hold pending research.

Person who was not there to talk to his old boss about grinding the floor.
Brendan to look for vinyl squares
Discussion of extraction - Window based extraction.

Working Bee list - 7th of December

  • CNC goes into Stockroom
  • Mesh goes onto window

Action Items Shopping list: Emily or Meka

  • 2 by 4
  • Metal clips
  • Screenprinting Gear: Meka to post what is needed to finish.
  • Make list of acceptable materials to dremel on dremel bench
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