2020:03:10 - Continuing Renovations

Meeting Opened: 2:35
Meeting Closed: 21.51
Author: Emily Taylor

  • Emily Taylor
  • Meka Beecham
  • Tim Reichle
  • Doc Michael Shepard
  • Paula O’Donnell
  • Mike Ando
  • Brendan Halliday
  • Celebrating the redecorating work.
  • Making a plan for furniture/stations.
  • Creating a list of machines for Jaimyn to make tags/labels for.
  • Asking for volunteers to write up/update the wiki pages for the labels to go to.
  • Adding to the list- plan out a power stopgap, purchase of cords and boards to be cabled in place.
  • Treasurer’s Report

$1000 in the bank
$110 pcm is current flow rate for Craftpunk.

  • Celebration

We talked about the renovation work, and there was much cheering!

  • Power

Paula’s husband is helping with a solution for the three phase power board, we will have two power points on the Eat St side of the room.

  • Screen Printing Station

Stage One Using the base of the washout container
make a metal frame
put better wheels on it
mount the press to it
Stage Two Adding accessories to it
Drying racks
UV light inside
Make a screen holding rack to keep them safe and for drying emulsion
Add a water lip

  • Demel/Paint station

Top half needs an extraction fan capable of paint fumes. Will be on a seperate table.
Has to be underneath the old aircon unit space for installing extraction fan.

  • Room furniture plan

Sewing tables to go against the south/ninja exit wall.
To the right of them either sublimation or shelving. To the right of that dremel station.
Put the jewellery stuff on one of the desks to be put to the right of that.
Get rid of messy table and replace with standing table.
Potentially replacing the messy bench with racking bench if needed.
Reviving the one-tone racking to convert to hutch-style desk for sublimation.
List of machines for tagging.

Meka has shared a google doc for making the list for Jaimyn, will reshare on Discord. Shelf should be organised and set - each box has a tag, and a sign underneath saying that this box belongs here- so people know what is missing.
Wiki just needs to have video links to relevant YouTube explanations, with some relevant caveats, google form for questions, then quiz emails for access to be granted.

Prefer that anything that needs to be stored is in a box that is properly labelled.

Need a working bee to move everything into new configuration, set for Sunday the 5th of April 10am

Voting item Small dremel removal (not required)

Meka will take the laptop and backup the files on the wiki Eris will take the crafting dremel

  • Action Items for Working Bee

Looking into 1 tone racking conversion into a hutch style
Looking into the costs of replacing rack and messy bench with one system, or just the messy bench
Mirror to be put on the back of the digifab door, and whiteboard to be moved somewhere more visible
Check Gumtee for adjustable table of the same size as the dremel station, or slightly bigger to allow for tool storage
Need an oil filter for the compressed air, and a regulator Mike suggests getting one from Supercheap auto, as a first proof of concept
Need to purchase glue for consumables (big tubes)
Check with Brendan about imbedding videos into wiki
Replace ceiling tiles with newer ones
Clean dremel station

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