Craft punk meeting 07/02/2023

Members present: Kyia Bourne Geoff Cowie Caitlin Ralston Nabeel Khan Ahnika Worsley (Not a team member)

Meeting start 17.45 Meeting end 18.30

Priority Get training for infrastructure and access for wiki, taskade etc

Official jobs for volunteers Geoff stock and asset long term. Short term look into plumbing and extraction system for dirty punk. Caitlin to look after embroidery machine Nabeel sublimation machine Kyia to make signs, update wiki, delegate, budget and make purchases

Craft punk budget: $1171 $300 for glass table approved but would prefer perplex/acrylic. Look into before final purchase.

Consumables desired: Heat proof tape Get 65% polyester shirts for sublimation, Various sizes, sale at purchase value plus shipping devided.

Unanimous vote for $140 reimbursement for glass grinder provided wiki is updated to include the new tools.

Short term goals: Set up plumbing, get trolley from Bunnings and tub to go underneath for drain. New signs for doors reflecting dirty and clean and for stations Set up monthly meeting. Now it is the first Tuesday of every month decided by everyone. Finish setting up miniature painting station

Long term goals Finish setting up glass works with extraction for soldering fumes Caitlin embroidery classes/induction ok machines Nabeel to run sublimation inductions Increase engagement with classes overall such as polymer clay and beeswax wraps etc. Curing cabinet or grow tent for epoxy users

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