Hsbne members have started to convert the vacuum table from the Billboard printer into a Air Hockey Table.

As the bed was used as a vacuum for the billboard printer all that has to be done to start it off was change the table to blow and not suck. some parts of that bed had water and dirt in it but was drained out by several members. Airhockey table the bed has had bumpers attached to it and the holes to push air tho are being cleaned by members with drills and nails, the pucks were made on the laser cutter 100 mm round by 3 mm, mallets have been made by Karl out of old acrylic that was around with a handle attached. as the old vacuum was 3 phase as well being loud, a new blower was introduced into the system. as the leaf blower was installed, it was able to push air tho the holes and allow the puck to glide across the surface of the bed.

Link for blob post with video: http://blog.hsbne.org/post/93962239974/founder-buzz-and-several-members-fabricated-up-our

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