In Brisbane:

  • SEDL Wholesaler of abrasives etc
  • Altronics We've got a trade account for members under “HSBNE”
  • Jaycar Electronics Trade discount for purchases over $25, under the name “HSBNE”
  • BilbyCNC Filament is discounted for HSBNE members
  • Australian Sheet Traders Sheet Acrylic, ABS, Polycarbonate, PVC, MDF, Plywood, etc
  • Global Acrylics/Acrylics Online Similar to above but has online ordering as well as in-store
  • Bunnings Warehouse Things they've never stocked, but are in their catalogue and physically in your hand as the staff member tells you they don't exist.
  • Dyman Foams QLD Based Foam supplier
  • Carbatec Woodworking machinery and supplies. 15% discount under the name “HSBNE”

In Australia:

Awesome arduino software index:

  • Maker Store OpenBuilds V-Slot distributor. GT2, GT3 timing belts and pulleys, bearings, precision shims, spacers, lock collars, low profile screws, V-Slot brackets, Tee Nuts, ACME threaded rod, ACME nut blocks, wheels - lots of stuff.
  • Small Parts Heaps of bearings and stuff. Not a very flash website, but it’s QUITE searchable. Can be expensive.
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