PolarGrip K2250 Industrial Glue Gun

Aliases Hot Glue Gun
Other References
Official Maintainer Paula O'Donnell


Machine is working as expected as at 08:11:2020.

This machine is generally available to use.


Induction process is:

  1. Watch this introduction video.
  2. Read the rest of this page.
  3. Seek clarification if needed, via Discord or in person.
  4. You are now prepared to use this machine.

As the name says, the glue gets hot. Please be careful, use PPE and avoid burning yourself or the work area.

Please have something under the tip of the glue gun when it is operating to catch the hot drips so that the benches aren't being damaged.

Please make a reasonable donation to the Craftpunk Tin to help restock the supplies.

Required Enclosed shoes are required throughout HSBNE. No open sandals, thongs etc.
Warning Take care to avoid melted glue touching bare skin.
Name Value
Glue discharge rate 0.7 ~ 1.2kgs / hour
Power Supply 240V
Glue diameter 11mm
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  • Unknown


Known Identical Models

  • Not Applicable
Date Description Workaround Proposed Remediation
01/01/2020 No Known Issues PLACEHOLDER Describe the workaround currently in place Placeholder Describe a proposed fix or solution
Date Modified By Description Remediation Cost
01/01/2020 No Modifications PLACEHOLDER Describe what happened PLACEHOLDER Describe how it was fixed or modified PLACEHOLDER document the cost of the change
Image Category Accessory Name & Notes Location Buy from
No Accessories
Image Category Accessory Name & Notes Location Buy from
hot_glue_sticks.jpg Glue Stick Hot Glue Sticks
Glue sticks 100mm x 11mm
$0.50 per stick used
MSDS - Hot Glue Sticks.
Stored near the Glue Gun Hardware Stores, Hobby Stores
Interval Task
After Every Use Clean tip of glue gun.
After Every Use Clean workspace of glue dribbles if necessary.
After Every Use Tidy gear away.

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Induction changes C RACI RC I I I R

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Risk Risk Severity Risk Likelihood Risk Level Risk Severity Risk Likelihood Risk Level Acceptable to Proceed
0001 Burns Undesirable Possible 8 Use PPE as necessary Low Improbable 1

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0000 Example decision Provides an example 08/08/20 JH Approved JH 08/08/20 A line was put in the register
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