3D Scanner

Inspired by this page I build us a turntable to be used for Photogrammetry.

The inscrutables article lays out very well how it is build, the hardware and how it works under the hood.

Warnings: Do not put anything heavier then 3kg on the table.

To make it go:

  1. Put it into an appropriate place
  2. Switch it on
  3. Choose the amount of pictures you want to take in a full revolution by pressing “up”
  4. Set up your camera for IR trigger and point the LED at the appropriate spot on the cam
  5. Frame the picture
  6. Press select
  7. Wait
  8. Throw pics into Photogrammetry software of your choice.

To do:

  1. The camera model/type can only be changed in software
  2. Cable mess…
  3. No case for the electronics
  4. Better paint
  5. Create a backdrop
  6. Needs a tripod (Don't think that can be circumvented)


Software can be found on my personnel Google Drive until a better home is found.