Green Room TV

The TV in the Green Room is available for anyone to send video and music to.

Turn it on by flipping *all* the switches on the 4-socket powerboard underneath the tv, and turn it off the same way. Make sure the amplifier is on, press the orange button on the front if it is not.

The TV has a Chromecast dongle, allowing you to control it from any PC or Android phone on the HSBNE Wifi network. Apps that support Chromecast (e.g. YouTube) streaming usually use this logo:

The TV Chromecast is called “HackCast”. “SuperStack” is the audio system in the machine shop. DO NOT cast to “ArrowCast”, that is Team Arrow's tv.

Also you can use the Chromecast App on Android to change the volume, stop an existing cast, or add photos to the default slideshow.

On your PC, you can enable the Cast button in Chrome by installing this official extension:

Some websites are fully integrated with Chromecast, for instance Youtube, Netflix, Spotify, Google Music, and when casting to the TV you can control it directly from the webpage.

For playing local videos from your PC, install the Videostream chrome app: