Compressor Scroll Ganey OX-15-8 Receiver Mounted with Dryer & Pre Filter

OX-15-8 acoustically housed scroll compressor complete with aftercooler and controls ready to install. Capacity 2.40 m3/min (84 cfm) @ 8 barg. Drive motor 15kW

Aliases Air compressor
Other References
Official Maintainer HSBNE Executive. Individual Maintainer applications welcome


Machine is working as expected.

This machine does not require induction to use.

Do not change settings on front panel without approval

Do not change settings without approval from exec.

Read the manual.

Only use e-stop in emergency.

Maintenance should be done by the supplier.

Drier must be switched on first before operation of air tools.

Oil level only to be measured with machine at rest

Air dryer drains every 5 mins through clear tube. Tube exits from back of dryer

Normal temp 80-90 deg.

Compressor and tank pressures may be different. Compressor needs 4 bars to run

Only 1 motor will run at low loads. Motors switch after 6ish hours

  • Loud noise = bad
  • Dirty oil = bad
  • Low oil = bad
Recommended We recommend hearing protection.


Name Value
Dimensions 305mm x 1600 mm x 270 mm
Capacity 2.40 m3/min (84 cfm) @ 8 barg.
Drive motor 15kW (2 x 7.5kW)
. .
. .


Name Value
Attribute A 305mm
Attribute B 1600 mm x 270 mm
Attribute C 3.0 hp

Reciever Tank

Name Value
Manufactured by Zhehian Kaishan pressure vessels co
Manufactured for Southern Cross Compressors Australia
Shell 600mm Dia x 1520mm Len
Nominal Thiccness 6mm
Tested pressure 2002 kPa
Designed Nov 2013
Construction Apr 2021

Oil/Air separator

Name Value
Manufactured by Zhehian Kaishan pressure vessels co
Manufactured for Southern Cross Compressors Australia
Design pressure 1210 kPa
Design temp 150c
Design life 87600 hrs (10y)


Controller Controller wider

The controller appears to be a MAM-860 or very similar. There's a manual for it on a Senator screw compressor here.

It seems that we can add a remote switch for start/stop functions by adding a NO switch between terminals 4 & 6.

Connect a normally open, non-latching, single pole, push button switch between terminals 4 and 6 using a single twisted-pair, screened data or instrumentation cable. Connect one end only of the screen to earthing terminal 8. The circuit voltage and current are 25 V DC and 20 mA, respectively.

Pressing and holding the remote control switch for two seconds has the same functionality as pressing either the controller’s Start button (if the unit is shut down) or Stop button (if the unit is running). The remote control switch must be released (i.e. opened) and then pushed (i.e. closed) again for two seconds in order to cycle the unit to the next start or stop command.

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  • Kaishan Australia
  • 134-140 Atlantic Drive, Keysborough, Victoria. 3173. Australia.
  • Phone: 03 8769 2800


  • Mr. Ankit Namjoshi
  • Kaishan QLD
  • 1460 Boundary Road, Wacol. QLD 4076
  • M 0488 396 366

Known Identical Models

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