Bosch Drill Press PBD40

Aliases Bosch Drill press
Aliases The small drill press
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Machine is working as expected.

This machine does not require induction, but requires accountability swipe.Please read the manual before use

Change the tool in the keyless chuck

The drive unit is supplied ex-works with a double sleeve keyless chuck.

Inserting the application tool

  • Turn the securing ring (27) in the “UNLOCK” direction.
  • Turn the clamping sleeve (29) clockwise until the application tool (17) can be inserted.
  • Fully insert the application tool (17), hold it in the tool holder and turn the clamping sleeve (29) anticlockwisefirmly by hand to tighten it. When doing so, hold the retaining ring (28) firmly in place.
  • Turn the securing ring (27) in the “LOCK” direction

Adjusting the height of the drive unit

(see figure G)

Do not adjust the height of the drive unit during operation. Only operate the clamping lever (7) when the hand wheel is in its initial position. This precautionary measure prevents potential injuries from occurring.

The height of the drive unit (12) can be adjusted according to the length of the application tool and the size of the workpiece.

Note: After adjusting the height of the drive unit, the position of the workpiece must be checked again using the laser cross. You may need to reposition the workpiece.

A brake prevents the drive unit (12) from sinking unintentionally when the clamping lever (7) is released. Check the clamping force of the brake occasionally and adjust if required.

  • Ensure that the hand wheel (11) is in its initial position.
  • Hold the hand wheel (11) with one hand and use the other to release the clamping lever (7) by turning it anticlockwise.
  • Use the hand wheel to adjust the height of the drive unit (12) to correspond to the application tool that is in use and the height of the workpiece.
  • Retighten the clamping lever (7) by turning it clockwise

Adjusting the speed

Select the correct rotational speed before starting work. The rotational speed must be appropriate for both the drilling diameter and the material you intend to drilled. If an incorrect rotational speed is selected, the application tool may become jammed in the workpiece. Use the speed diagram (6) to help you set the appropriate rotational speed. It shows the speed that should be set (rpm) depending on the drill diameter (dia. in mm) for the materials Steel and Aluminium.

Mechanical gear selection

Only operate the gear selector switch (21) when the power tool is not in use. You can preselect 2 speed ranges with the gear selector switch (21). Gear 1: Low speed range; for working with large drilling diameters. Gear 2: High speed range; for working with small drilling diameters.

  • Turn the gear selector switch (21) to the required position.

If the gear selector switch (21) cannot be turned all the way, turn the drill chuck slightly with the drill.

Electronic speed control

(see figure H)

The speed regulator (15) enables continuously variable adjustment of the speed of the power tool.

  • To switch on the power tool, turn the on/off switch (13) to position
  • Press the button (33) to switch the indicator area of the display to “Speed”.
  • Turn the speed regulator (15) until the required speed is shown on the display (14).
Recommended We recommend hearing protection.
Mandatory Please wear goggles or a face shield
Recommended Do not wear loose clothing
Maintenance Disconnect power to the saw before performing maintenance, including blade changes
Name Value
Bench drill
Rated power input W 710
No-load speed
– 1st gear rpm 200−850
– 2nd gear rpm 600−2500
Laser type nm 650
Divergence of laser line mrad 0.5
Max. drilling diameter
– Steel mm 13
– Wood mm 40
Chuck capacity mm 1.5−13
Drill stroke max. mm 90
Total height mm 650
Base plate dimensions (width x depth x height) mm 330 x 350 x 30
Weight kg 11.2

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Bosch Australia

1555 Centre Road, 3169 Clayton, Vic, Australia


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