Electronics Area

  • Always clean the work area when you leave. Flag and/or clean up any mess left by others.
  • Only “Extra Low Voltage” projects are allowed to be worked on, unless you are a licensed QLD electrician.
  • Hot (heat) or Live (Powered) tools or projects must not be left unattended.
  • Live projects should be adequatly protected from accidental bumping, proding, spills.
  • Communicate with others if you have sensitive equipment exposed on the bench.
  • This is a learning area, not everyone is an electrical engineer but many are enquisitive. Be prepared to answer questions about your project.
  • Every tool has a place, and there is a place for every tool.
  • Report worn, broken or missing tools to cause leaders

Detailed policy information can be found on the Electronics Team wiki page.

Spot Welder -

  • Induction process is to demonstrate safe use of the tool and then get them to try it also.

Reflow Oven -

  • Induction process is to run through approved uses for the oven and how to achieve them and demonstrate use of front panel and default oven profiles.
  • Maintainer is Lucas Oldfield (BadBiki)
  • Work in progress… Finishing before EOY 2020!!
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