kWeld Battery Spot Welder

Aliases “kWeld”, “Spot Welder”
Other References
Official Maintainer no-one


This tool is fully operational.

Jaimyn 1/09/20

This machine requires induction.

This tool's induction process involves a short online quiz and an in person assessment of competency.

  1. In person assessment of competency, please contact one of the official maintainers (listed above) to organise a time.

Usage Tips

Recommended Settings

Material Energy
0.1mm pure nickel strip 20J
0.2mm pure nickel strip 50J
0.3mm pure nickel strip 100J
Warning ppe-no-pacemaker.jpg Do not use this tool near pacemakers or similar devices
Recommended Please wear goggles
Required Remove all jewelry and watches
Maintenance Disconnect power before performing maintenance
Name Value
Welding Input Voltage 4v - 30v
Maximum Switch Current 2,000A
Maximum Weld Energy 500 Joules

NOTE: DO NOT exceed 8.1v into the kCap super capacitor module or you may cause permanent damage and severe personal injury.

Please ensure you have read all operation manuals and other documents before attempting to use this tool.


Date Description Workaround Proposed Remediation
23/08/2020 Tool is missing electrodes and has not been calibrated yet. Wait for electrodes to arrive.
Date Modified By Description Remediation Cost
23/08/2020 Jaimyn Mayer Assembled kWeld kit and 3D printed a case for it. - -
Interval Task
Before every use Check for signs of physical damage and ensure all cabling is securely fastened.
Quarterly Check for firmware updates and check for wear on the electrodes.

Task / Action Executive Cause Leader
Cause Team
Named Maintainer Trainers Cause Membership Implementer
Modification and Repairs - AC C I I I R
Induction changes C RACI RC I I I R

Ref / ID Pre-Mitigation Mitigations / Warnings / Remedies Post Mitigation
Risk Risk Severity Risk Likelyhood Risk Level Risk Severity Risk Likelyhood Risk Level Acceptable to Proceed
0001 Electrical shock and/or burns from improper usage Intolerable Possible 8 Induction to train users in correct usage
JIT documentation
Low Improbable 6 Acceptable Risk
0002 Fire due to damaged battery cells Tolerable Probable 7 Induction to train users in correct usage
JIT documentation & fire checklist
Low Improbable 4 Acceptable Risk
Ref / ID Decision Details Impact Proposed Date Proposed By Status Approved By Date Resulting Actions and Comments
0001 Induction required The maintainer has decided that an induction is required before use. 23/08/2020 Jaimyn Mayer Approved Jaimyn Mayer 23/08/2020 This documentation was updated to reflect induction requirement.
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