To always maintain a work space environment with a high standard of safety and a respect for other members of HSBNE using the metal shop. This can be achieved through the cooperation and adhering to the policies, procedures and processes of the Metal Shop.

  1. To oversee the day to day running of the metal shop.
  2. Welcome new members and inform them of the policies.
  3. To supervise and oversee inductions.
  4. Ensures compliance with safety procedures and quality standards.
  5. Co-ordinates the purchase of consumables.
  6. Co-ordinates the repair of machines.
  7. Co-ordinate and hold regular cause meetings.
  8. To maintain transparency to the members.


  1. To become an advisor, the cause leader chooses who he would like to be his advisors from the metal shop members and then they are presented to a metal shop cause meeting to be voted in.
  2. An advisor must give 2 weeks’ notice to the cause leader if they which to step down from their role.
  3. Advisers can be removed by a cause vote.

Role of the Advisers

  1. To advise the cause leader on the day to day running of the metal shop.
  2. In the event the cause leader is absent, the 1st advisor acts as the cause leader.
  3. In the event the 1st advisor is absent as well as the cause leader the 2nd advisor acts as the cause leader.
  1. PPE (personal protective equipment) to be worn when operating machines.
  2. Safe operating procedures must be adhered to at all time.
  3. Closed shoes to be worn at all times.
  4. Keep floor space free of obstacles. (trip hazards)
  5. Leave machines in a safe state, guards in place, tools put away etc.
  6. Last one to leave- shut all power and lights of; checks gas bottles are turned off and lock doors. Return key to the member’s storage room if left in the lock.
  7. Machines are to be used for their intended purposes. E.g. that’s no angle grinding on the machine surfaces.
  8. Due to the danger of injury when using especially the Lathes and Milling Machines. It is recommended that there be at least one other person on site when using these machines.
  1. If you open it shut it. If you break it fix it or replace it, (at least report it) if you dirty it clean it.
  2. All HSBNE members have a responsibility to encourage other members to adhere to the policies. A self-governing principle.
  3. It is the responsibility of the members to return all tools to their correct area.
  4. The existing tagging system is to be utilized to red tag floating materials around the metal shop before they are discarded.
  5. Sweep down and clean the machine/bench and surrounding floor once finished your session in the metal shop.
  6. No personal tool boxes or tooling to be left in the metal shop. Take them home or leave them in your member’s box.
  7. Only working machines are to be in the metal shop (no project machines)
  1. The cause leader commits to publicly list the spending on the metal shop on the forum.
  2. Monthly discretionary spending $200 per month non-accruing.
  3. Discretionary funds include but not limited to:
  • Linisher belts, mig wire, saw blades etc.
  • Parts for the repair of machines.
  • Materials needed for the repair and improvement of the metal shop.

A budget to be set out per machine for consumables used in one year:

  • Linisher Machines: belts $500 per annum.
  • Mig welder: wire, tips, shrouds, gas etc. $250 per annum.
  • Tig Welder: tungsten, ceramics, gas etc. $250 per annum.
  • Band saws: saw blades, cutting flued etc. $350 per annum.
  • Surface Grinder: grinding wheels, cutting flued etc. $150 per annum.
  • Lathes. Tips, cutting flued, oil, etc. $150 per annum.
  • Milling Machines. Carbide tips, hss cutters, hss drills, cutting flued etc. $200 per annum.
  1. A budget to be automatically approved of up to $500 for all machinery in the metal shop when they break down. (Excluding machine upgrades.) E.g. main motor burns out. To return the machine to good working order, cause leader to work alongside the machine maintainer to work out the best option for repair.
  2. Once the budget is consumed for any number of repairs it must be reactivated by cause vote.
  3. To prevent doubling up of purchases and orders the cause leader must be informed.

Any changes to the metal shop must be approved be the cause leader. This is to prevent any doubling up of purchases and plans for the metal shop that may be in place.

Induction process is explained on the wiki and requires someone to sign off on it!

  1. Lathes, Milling machines, Surface/Tool Grinder, Vertical and horizontal Band Saw, Tig Machine, Mig Machine, Plasma Cutter, Drill Press, linishers.
  2. Levels of inductions for different machines to be determined by the maintainer and or cause leader for the complexity of the machine.
  3. Label on each machine that requires induction and who is authorised to give that induction.

The metal shop is a work shop not a storage shop!

  1. The current parking system is to be adhered to in the metal shop.
  2. If your project is small enough to fit in your member’s box then it is to be stored in your box while you’re not on site.
  3. If your project is too big to store in your members box, then you either take it home with you or store it in a pre-approved storage space outside of the metal shop with a parking ticket attached.
  4. In the special case that your project is too big or too heavy to be moved easily, a short term storage solution in the metal shop must be approved by the cause leader. This item then must have the appropriate parking tag attached and not obstruct other members from working on their projects.
  5. No member’s materials to be stored long term in the metal shop.
  1. A machine maintainer may volunteer themselves for the role and or the cause leader can recommend them for the role.
  2. Demonstrate safe use.
  3. Improvement of the tool.
  4. Signed off by the cause leader.
  5. Maintain the tool/machine. (refer to the tool/machine Schedule)
  6. Be a regular attender of the space.
  7. Ongoing maintenance procedure for each machine to be drafted by the maintainer.
  8. If a machine maintainer decides to no longer fulfil the role, they must give notice of 2 weeks to the cause leader. This is to give time for the transition to a new machine maintainer.
  1. It is the goal of the metal shop to provide a level of machines and tooling that cater for the experienced to the novice.
  2. Low cost common consumables to be supplied by members.
  3. Members will be able to purchase the common consumables through the metal shop. At their published price.
  4. Personal and specialised tooling is up to the members.
  • Examples 1: Metal shop provides the Lathe and basic tooling ( right and left hand turning tools, boring bar, grooving tool) enabling any one to use the machine.
  1. Metal shop provides the milling machine, vice, tool holders, but not the cutting tools.
  • Example 2: Metal shop provides angle grinders but not grinding, cutting or sanding discs.
  • Example 3. Metal shop provides the Tig, gas and Tungsten but not the filler rods.
  • Example 4. The metal shop provides the Mig, gas and mig wire.

Any proposed changes to be made to the polices will need to be voted on by the metal shop cause.

The above policies have been voted and approved by the members of HSBNE on the 1st October 2019, by a metal shop meeting with the minimum requirement of 10 attendees.

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