Woodshop Cause Operating Policy

Cause Leader: Joshua Hogendorn

Cause Expectations

Tools / Machines Requiring Induction

  • PS-12 Table Saw
  • N4400 Bandsaw
  • A3-31 Jointer/Planer Thicknesser

Tools / Machines Requiring Supervision

None currently.

Cause Procedures

Process for becoming a Maintainer

Ask the cause leader if you can maintain a particular tool, demonstrate knowledge/ability, get approval, go nuts. (Ie have a conversation with Josh)

Process for becoming an Induction Teacher

  1. Be Inducted
  2. Assist one induction
  3. Co-run one induction
  4. Run an induction with an existing Induction Teacher assisting
  5. You are now an induction teacher

Ongoing Budgets