This is our main kiosk that allows members to sign in, print tickets (coming soon), etc. It is situated in the green room next to the quad door and has a Dell 24“ touch screen monitor attached to it.

Form Factor: Lenovo “NUC”
CPU: Quad Core i5
SSD: 120GB

For more technical details such as operating system version and access details, please contact one of the maintainers below. These details are not publicly posted in the interest of security.

Services it currently provides:
HSBNE Portal (Kiosk Mode) which provides basic portal access, allows members to sign in / out of site, print tickets (coming soon), etc.

Jaimyn (@jabelone)

Current Maintainer(s):
No one :(

1/9/2020 - Replaced the HDD with an SSD, installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu and setup the kiosk software again.

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