This page documents the various physical and digital facilities in place for HSBNE.

  • HSBNE Servers - Our on site and cloud based servers, and the role each one plays in our infrastructure.
  • Forum - The official HSBNE communication platform for discussion.
  • Wiki - The place for all HSBNE documentation (in fact, it's the site you're on right now!).
  • Access Control System - The RFID based door locks, machine interlocks, and spacebucks endpoints.
  • Member Portal - Our member portal, and access control/spacebucks backend.
  • Greenroom Kiosk - Our touch screen kiosk to facilitate common tasks.
  • Site access via a VPN and/or Zerotier. Please ask the infrastructure team for details if you need access.
  • Dyno - Mainly used for auto responders and FAQs.
  • Pollmaster - Please document me!
  • Starboard - Used to mark a message as a “thank-you” for inclusion in the “thankyous” channel.
  • - used to easily add new emoji/reacts to the server.

These pages are kept around for historical reference and posterity.

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