HSBNE Portal

The HSBNE Portal is an open source, full featured membership portal. It is designed by and for HSBNE (Hackerspace Brisbane). It was created by Jaimyn in his spare time, with a little help from some HSBNE members. It can manage membership, access permissions, spacebucks, doors, interlocks and more! For more information please see the GitHub repo here.

The HSBNE member portal runs inside a docker container on porthack01. It is primarily written in python and uses a locally stored sqlite database. There is an nginx reverse proxy on porthack01 that manages SSL and proxies traffic from portal.hsbne.org to the right container.

Useful Info

Author(s): Jaimyn (@jabelone)
Current Maintainer(s): Jaimyn (@jabelone)
Running On: Porthack01
GitHub: HSBNE Portal