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Opened : 8pm

HSBNE acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet today, the Yuggera and Turrbal people, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.


Minutes be accepted: MW Seconded: DS

Apologies from Josh as he’s away this month.

Capital Held

Payment of some outstanding bills this month, primary capital is down but savings and team accounts are viable

  • Primary: 1000
  • Savings: 15000
  • Legal: 2500
  • Budgetly [11,270]
    • Main: 1300
    • Metalshop: 2800
    • Woodshop: 4000
    • Forge: 1000
    • Digifab: 600
    • Mech: 70
    • Craftpunk: 1500

Total cash at hand: 29,770


Membership income (March): 7,598.21

Expenses for March pending treasurer return


Waiting confirmation of disputed payments from CBRE but have calculated that debts are cleared.

Still looking for a permanent Secretary

Lease Negotiations

Email sent to CBRE regarding Lease Costs Agreement - 2/4/23

The proposed cost terms agreement is severely lacking in detail, as it does not provide requisite information regarding the services or benefits for which our payment will be used. It is also wholly inappropriate to provide such an agreement for signature without the sighting of the final lease agreement.

At our most recent general meeting, members raised a number of concerns regarding the proposed terms agreement. These are summarised below.

Clarification is required for the following:
How will the consultation fees for the site, projected into FY23, benefit The Workshops?
Will the rate increase correlate with improved service from CBRE?
Historically, it has taken months for CBRE to address potentially serious issues, and we have often encountered resistance when asking for a collaborative approach to address such issues. > For example:
Rain caused extensive flooding to the warehouse area on 12 March 2023. The installed spoon drain was not effective.The other drains on site were and are fully blocked and not being maintained.
We have been asking for more power to our tenancy to activate equipment, but have only had this request rejected with no follow-up or prospect for collaboration
We were informed that we would have regular meetings between CBRE and The Workshops, but this has not been the case. This overall lack of transparency also means we are concerned that the final lease will include and/or allow inappropriately forecast and backdated increases to expenditure, and that service costs will be imposed without consultation.

We are also extremely concerned about the end date of the proposed lease and the lack of detail regarding our tenancy beyond December 2023.

Given these issues, HSBNE and the tenants of The Workshops are reluctant to agree to any commitment to costs without both sighting full lease agreement terms and addressing the concerns above.


Murray Wayper
HSBNE President

CBRE Response Tue, 11 Apr, 12:11 to HSBNE

Good Morning Murray,
The terms sheet process is the standard contractual process that EDQ use for all lease and license negotiations.
Once both parties agree to terms i.e. rent and outgoings, remembering the terms sheet is not legally binding, the solicitors can then prepare the draft document for HSBNE’s review and to seek legal advice.
The draft lease is where HSBNE have opportunity to request amendments and propose changes. The email chains engaged in to date does not allow the formal negotiations to progress.
Without the first step being completed, HSBNE submitting amendments to the term sheet in track changes for the landlord’s consideration, the process has come to a halt. Please submit the terms sheet with your amendments and the lease will then be drafted and submitted to you for review.
In relation to your other queries below;
The consultation fees include, property risk assessments, asbestos inspections, outgoings audit and all other technical consultants as deemed necessary by CBRE to ensure that the Workshops and Precinct are compliant as per legislation requirements.
CBRE are the management agent engaged by EDQ and the business operates in line with the contracted level of service. Your comments below have been passed on to EDQ.
The drain was address in accordance with the professional advice received by a certified contractor. We have not received any further reports of flooding and the drains are scheduled in the overall maintenance plan in the precinct.
HSBNE must at all times adhere to the maximum amps approved for the premise by the owner. If the electrical demand exceeds what amps are available HSBNE will need to review capacity for equipment within tenancy. There is no further opportunity for additional power.
Details of the tenancy beyond December 2023 have now been provided as per my separate email this morning advising of the EOI for the Workshops.
Please be reminded that details relating to HSBNE terms are confidential (other than for the purposes of obtaining advice from our financial and legal advisers) including the terms and any agreement reached between EDQ & HSBNE. Discussion of these terms with any other tenants is a breach of confidentiality.

HSBNE has not responded to this but I am concerned about the type of negotiation where the price is agreed to prior to knowing the terms.

CBRE sent an email 11/4/23 advising of a EOI (expression of interest) process which would be issued for The Workshops (the tenancy including HSBNE, Team Arrow, and Northshore Mens Shed.

From CBRE 11 Apr 2023, 09:21

Good Morning HSBNE,

As part of the strategic vision for the Northshore vision, Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) will be implementing an open market Expression of Interest (EOI) to seek application for a wide variety of potential tenants to take up options in the Northshore Workshops spaces. The decision is part of the longer-term goals of the precinct to attract visitation and activation to the Northshore community.

It is important to note that this opportunity will be offered for a fixed period only ahead of the Brisbane 2032 Olympics and Paralympic Games Athlete Village.

All interested groups (including existing tenants) will have the opportunity to apply for spaces, and selection criteria applied will align with EDQ’s strategic priorities which include Diversity, Climate Positive, and Community Benefit, as well as contract terms, including an appropriate level of rent to ensure that EDQ can continue to operate and maintain this space.

The proposed term for your new lease options issued recently, being until 31 December 2023, has been offered in order to provide sufficient time for the full EOI process to occur and for you to consider all options for your tenancy.

Once further detail around the timing of the EOI evolves, further information will be made available to you.

Should you wish to discuss the EOI further, CBRE will be happy to schedule a meeting with you, CBRE, and EDQ. Vanessa Altun, as the Acting Precinct Manager will represent EDQ.

As valued tenants in the precinct we will ensure you are kept up to date as the process progresses.

Heather Howard
Property Manager

Many thoughts on this email were expressed. Some interest in responding to the EOI but also to pursue relocation

The core problem is money

  • Need to understand our membership geography
  • Print maps of council, state, fed electorates and map members to electorates
  • Allocate owners of each electorate
  • Council doesn’t have influence on State, but does have local contacts.
  • Relocation would be to an industrial area
  • Probably south side as cheaper
  • Possibly salisbury-ish
  • ‘Mixed use’ zoning
  • Cheapest is $100/sqm/yr
  • Requirement is ~500sqm warehouse with a bit of office space plus hard stand and carpark
  • ~40K/yr in rent
  • ~20K/yr other outgoings

Committee site strategy meeting was held 25/3/23



Action items:

  • JH to follow up with site recommended by councillor
  • Follow up opportunities with arts community
  • Partner with other like-minded organizations (Brisbane tool library)
  • Engage contacts in UQ for waste reduction strategy
  • Develop Local relationships
  • Develop an emergency exit plan
  • Achieve Charity Status
  • Establish Store on site
  • Grow Membership
  • Note what is NOT on that list.

Next Strategy meeting - open to all members

Sunday 23 April - 10am

Forum post and email to be sent to all members

Everyone to arrive with enthusiasm. Tasks will be allocated based on the actions above.

Requested approval to install 15A socket in Woodshop - 7/4

No response from CBRE at this time.

Teams and OUs Reports

  • Repairs for saw underway
  • Blue lathe is fixed
  • Magnabend is unravelling people
  • Gas monitoring is ongoing
  • Still looking for volunteers
  • Inductions scheduled month in advance
  • Wiki pages for each tool updated
  • See hildi How-to guide
  • Saw was bought
  • waiting for power approval from CBRE
  • Working on safety item from CBRE in progress
  • Ladder to mezzanine restricted to Team
  • SOP for all machines in place for use and inductions
  • Looking for one more team member. Sign up on Monday night!
  • Inductions indicated on SOP
  • Small scrap shelving and stillage in progress
  • Building a new gas storage cage replacing existing
  • Safety report
  • Nominated Alex as Foundary Specialist so hot works permits not required
  • Mounted fire extinguishers
  • First aid kits to be refreshed as part of site
  • Electrical management has been improved
  • Still to do test and tag electrical
  • Still to do Spill Kit
  • Zac was voted in to 2IC Forge Team
  • Open Day proposal was discussed and rough plan made.
  • Volunteer contracts completed
  • Bambu has been ordered and received.
  • Assembly and interlocking to be done
  • Preparing other printers for sale
  • Open nights on hold for now
  • Looking for someone to be available to host them
  • will be adding tools for minifig painting
  • Signage and QR code
  • Still looking for volunteers for team
  • Teeshirts soon available for sale for thermal transfer prints

Not Present


If volunteers expect to get their discount for May, DM Murray ASAP in Discord

Voting Items


Other Proposals

Sell KeyWatcher Touch - (22d)


Sell for 80% of new value.

Working Bee

Saturday 29 April - 10am

Fix hard air line

Clean Chemical storage boxes and make serviceable.

Implement Tool surrender box.


  • Thankyou for metal work inductions
  • Thankyou Zak for cutting timber
  • Thanks Ben for the work in metal shop.
  • Forge have done a great job with the safety report.

CAPEX Discussion

Yag optics to be bought when we have sufficient funds.

Closed : 9.25pm

Signed by President

Date Name

Signed by Treasurer



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