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Leader Kyia Bourne
Members - Geoff C
Locations Managed Craftpunk occupies the two rooms at the eastern end of the Green Room. Craftpunk Area
Communications Discord Chat
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Meeting Times Team Meetings will happen monthly during the Monthly MeetUp. Monthly MeetUps are currently on the first Saturday of each month from noon onwards. This does not exclude the possibility of meetings at other arranged times if necessary.
Meeting Minutes Craftpunk minutes

The Craftpunk Team manages all aspects of the operation of the Craftpunk area of HSBNE. Craftpunk aims to provide equipment, tools, workspace, and a culture that enables members to work in a variety of crafting media. The management of Craftpunk is to be driven primarily by the health of members and not by dates and deadlines alone.


Immediate (Due 30 June)

  • Buy paint for the refurb of the old Digifab room.
  • Liaise with Digifab regarding the relocation of the small laser cutter.

Short Term (Due 30 September)

  • Continue set up of second Craftpunk room as the Messy Room
  • Continue set up of original room as the Clean Room
  • Get 2 x sewing machines serviced and operational. - CAPEX budget allowing.
  • Continue with Wiki documentation of tools.

Long Term (This Year 2021)

  • Complete refurb of old Digifab room.
  • Have both Craftpunk rooms functional.
  • Complete all tool pages on the Wiki, with a video induction if necessary.
  • Buy/service all tools as currently approved and listed in the CAPEX budget.

Discretionary Budget
$100/month non-accruing held by the Team Leader.

Machine upkeep and consumables:
$100/month non-accruing.

Repair budget:
$500 that must be replenished at a general meeting.

Monthly MeetUp and Meeting:
Craftpunk hosts a regular Monthly MeetUp on the first Saturday of each month from noon. It is open to all members of HSBNE and the general public. Come along and enjoy the company of fellow Hackers while you work on your current projects, or think about your future projects, or reminisce about the projects of the past.
Team Meetings will also happen during the Monthly MeetUp. This does not exclude the possibility of meetings at other arranged times if necessary.

Cause Area Expectations:

  • Only use tools you know how to use or have been inducted on.
  • Ask for help or guidance when you need it.
  • Only use tools in the way they are intended to be used.
  • Leave the area as clean or cleaner than you found it.
  • Because art and creativity is subjective and personal, please do not provide unsolicited critique, suggestions or help with someone‚Äôs project. Instead, you may wish to offer your help, but allow the crafter to decline.
  • Respect that some crafters may not want to break their focus to talk or answer questions. The exception to this rule is in the case of dangerous or disrespectful tool use and emergencies.
  • So we can replenish consumables, please make sure to put money in the donation tin (see below), or by using the 'Make Payment' option for spacebucks.

See the individual tool pages.

Member Responsibilities
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