Digital Fabrication Team

Leader Brett Wilkins
Members Ale More
Gary Baker
Locations Managed Digital Fabrication Area
Communications Discord Chat
Meeting Times Held on the last Tuesday of the month.

The DigiFab Team manages 3D printers, scanners and laser cutters at HSBNE.

Immediate (This Month)

  • Repair the Small Laser
  • Move 3D printing area into Green Room
  • Repair and sell the Right CRX 3D Printer
  • Repair and provision the BCN 3D Printer
  • Plan and build storage solution for 3D printer filament
  • Plan and build separate hot and cold work areas for resin printers
    • Including UV light box for quicker/easier station turn-around
  • Create Video Inductions for 3D printers (Resin/FDM)


  • Plan/Analyse the sale of the Lasers
  • Purchase new laser with proceeds from sales, plus Capex budget assignment

Long Term (2022)

  • TBD

This section is a work in progress

The information in this section is a work in progress and does not necessarily reflect the current state or operating policy of HSBNE.

General Budget

$250 per month

Includes consumables and discretionary.

Discretionary budget: $100/month non-accruing.

Consumables: $100/month accruing. Capped at $1000

Projects: Projects will be allocated in team meetings from any free funds

Repairs: $500 that must be replenished at team meeting

See this spreadsheet for breakdown.

Member Responsibilities
Brett Wilkins

* Team leader responsibility as per teams policy
* Work with team to develop and achieve future vision for DigiFab
* Oversee wiki
* Maintain all 3D Printers, consumables, related wiki entries
* Payments relating to laser cutters and consumables

Ale More

* Maintain both Laser cutters, consumables, related wiki entries
* Payments relating to laser cutters and consumables

Gary Baker

* Supporting Role

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