Digital Fabrication Area


  • Leave the area cleaner than you found it.
  • Don’t create mess in the Digifab room, our tools are sensitive to dust etc.
  • Return tools to their homes and don’t remove them from the Digifab room.
  • Read the wiki before attempting to use a tool in Digital Fabrication.
  • Don’t leave machines running unattended.
  • Don’t use tools that are marked as out of order.
  • Pay for all consumables you use unless they are for improving digifab or HSBNE infrastructure.
  • Don’t use your own consumables in a machine unless you have received permission from a maintainer of that machine.
  • Precisely follow a tool’s workflow unless you have received permission from a maintainer of that tool to adjust it.
  • Report all broken or misbehaving tools using the “Report Issue” link in the portal or by sending an email to

Detailed policy information can be found on the Digital Fabrication Team wiki page.

3D Printers:

  • Induction process is to read the entire 3D printers page, in addition to the machine specific page.

Redsail 60w Laser Cutter:

  • For the laser cutter, it is a hands-on class on how to use the machine after the Supervisor has checked the machine and your competency.
  • Use requires supervision even after this, but it will generally be less hands on and more the Supervisor ensuring the machine is operating properly.
  • Supervisors are listed on the tool's wiki page.
  1. Laser cutters: The machines themselves require supervision, so a supervisor must be around for the machines to be operated by anyone.
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