- Raf

- Alex

- Josh

Voting items:



  • Decided on purchase of parts washer from https://www.machineryhouse.com.au/a368 together with fluid and cleaning brush (warranty).Will be ordered and then picked up by Josh this month.
  • Josh is thinking of donating a small range of hand tools. So we will wait with any hand tool purchases for now.
  • Rags and towels should be purchased from consumables budget
  • Rollercabinet and proper lights are the next preferred items
  • Sandblaster is something that maybe won't easily fit in the mechanical space (dust) and we should try to talk the metal shop in getting one.
  • Usage of common bins (the forge one in particular) over a dedicated one in the mech space because of the flammable nature of oil covered rags etc. This so that there is more of turnover in bin emptying/it is not inside.
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