Mechanical Team

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Leader Raf Kempeneers
Members - Andrew White
- Josh Wood
- Meg White
- Alex Massignani
Locations Managed Mechanical Workshop
Communications Discord Chat
Meeting Times TBA

The mechanical team oversees a workshop and outdoor space where members can work on any project involving assembly or disassembly: pushbikes, motorbikes, vans, cars, gearboxes, chains, and everything in between!

The mechanical team will ensure that HSBNE maintains a robust mechanical capacity, and that members of all skill levels feel welcome to explore and develop their projects in a well-equipped mechanical shop.

Immediate goals:

  • Design and establish the Mechanical workshop.
    • Pneumatic (route airlines for tools and sandblaster)
    • Tooling (extend the tooling capacity of the workshop)
    • lighting (provide adequate in and outdoor lighting
    • Toolstorage (provide an easy to use tool system)

Short term:

  • Work on making the space efficient and organised
  • Liaise with the Forge team about using their flammables cabinet

Medium term:

  • Develop classes

Long term:

  • Create a covered outdoor area that stretches beyond the current awning

$200 per month

Member Responsibilities
Raf All machinery related wiki updates. Cleanliness in the workshop. Machinery and tool maintenance. Writing the meeting minutes for team meetings (+ upload on Wiki). Updating the team plan each month. All Teamleader responsibilities.
Andrew Consumables tracking, cleanliness in the workshop. Machinery and tool maintenance.
Josh Run inductions for the space. Run 1 workshop/class per quarter. Consumables tracking, cleanliness in the workshop. Machinery and tool maintenance
Meg Maintain the wiki for the Mechanical team.
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