Agenda Items:

  • Temporary new Teamleader - Raf will not be able to properly do teamleader tasks due to health reasons until December / January → who wants to volunteer for the next 3 months / quarter?

–> Josh Wood (@Bikemad) is taking over. Access to committee, HSBNE email adress and budgetly access / card need to be arranged

  • Purchase of more PPE (gloves etc) → The current stash is quickly diminishing

–> approved and purchased large number of gloves

  • Purchase of small / cheap Ultrasonic cleaner ($75?) → cleaning of bolts / nuts / small parts

–> approved and purchased a 3.2L ultrasonic cleaner

–> approved and purchased more degreasing fluid

  • Paint area → Raf is not able to create a layout for the container for the time being. What do we want to do?

–> Currently on hold due to no resources

  • Tool storage → How to start a proper tool storage / tracking system?

–> we are getting a toolbox from Metalshop, and a trolley to keep the sandblaster on (which will move to the metalshop). No further actions stated

  • Dangerous goods → do we want to keep all the dangerous goods (currently oils, greases, and others are floating around) ? Or just simplify the legal requirements and make it a BYO ?

–> no Dangerous Goods allowed in mechanical space –> signage of stuff you can’t leave behind etc , no corrosives, no flammables


* Power issues at the mech space

make mech power more reliable

piggybacking needs to be addressed

power cuts out with dryer

diagram: come up with a plan to get proper powerpoints properly hardwired (mudmap)

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