Teammembers present: Andrew and Raf

The things we talked about:

Tool safety(theft) → Lock / latch should be installed on door

Tool Labelling +wiki

  • Label cabinets very well ie woodshop
  • With inventory sheets
  • And list tools on wiki
  • for reference that we have them and
  • for trackability (broken or to lend it )
  • register (Xero etc)
  • check in check out system with IT (to get discussion going of if this is feasible to develop a loan system)
  • Some incomplete example: daytona_360pce_green_mechanical_tool_chest - mechanical - tools [HSBNE Wiki]

Dangerous goods → move the dangerous goods storage from metalshop to the paintshop. Possibly buy a bigger cabinet.

  • Put up.a sign to make it known that it has moved

reorganizing of workbenches → Raf to clear benches to get this going

Things that are necessary to be bought (metalshop and mechanical):

  • Puller 3 jaw. set of 3 109
  • Bearing puller 44
  • Reel for air 50 with woodshop

Tools we would like to have:

  • Metric tap and die set
  • some containers for bol and nuts
  • toolcabinet on wheels

Raf is thinking of helping to sell the speakerstock

  • test the market with a couple of examples
  • waste of inventory
  • Not going to be close to the estimated price at all in the current market with that age etc
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