Metalshop Team

Leader Ryan Marple

Craig Rea
Dave Seff
Eris Ryan
Ben Jackson

Locations Managed Metalshop
Communications Discord Chat
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Meeting Times Held on the first Tuesday of the month at either 8pm, or directly after the General Meeting if one is held that Tuesday.
Meeting Minutes Metalshop Team Meeting Minutes

The Metalshop Team manages all aspects of operation of the HSBNE Metalshop.


Team objectives stem from the following team vision:

  • All equipment in the metalshop will be working, accessible and documented.
  • Processes will be implemented to minimize machine downtime by ensuring consumables are stocked and routine maintenance is performed.
  • The space will be kept clean and tooling optimised by implementation of the 5S policy to achieve maximum utility of the available space.


Short Term (Due June 2022)

  • Get both lathes to usable standard
  • Horizontal bandsaw functional again
  • Get small mill listed for sale
  • Have mill & bandsaw induction videos filmed
  • Have one online induction done

Mid Term (Due December 2022)

  • Monitoring YAG usage
  • Monitoring gas usage
  • Have all main inductions done

Long Term (Due December 2023)

  • Have online induction for general metalshop use
  • Have online induction for HILDI and YAG

Discretionary Budget
$100/month non-accruing.

Machine upkeep and consumables:
$300/month accruing. Capped at $1000. See this spreadsheet for breakdown.

Repair budget:
$1000 that must be replenished at a general meeting.

Consumable(s) Any item that is consumed in a process performed in the metalshop (eg. grinding disks, drill bits, welding wire, etc). The lifespan of consumables is usually significantly lower than that of the tool they are used in.
Equipment Any item that takes up floor space in the metalshop (eg. machinery, tool trolleys, workbenches, cabinets, etc).
Machine(s)/machinery A machine is equipment that is used directly to perform a process in the metalshop using mechanical power. (eg. drill press, lathe, grinder, etc).
PPE Personal protective equipment. Anything worn to improve an individual's safety.
Tool(s)/Tooling Any item that is used to perform a process that does not fall under the category of consumables or equipment (eg. hand tools, lathe insert holders, mill tool holders, etc).

2.1. Usage of the Metalshop

  • Metalshop policy applies to anyone inside the metalshop, or using metalshop equipment or tooling outside of the metalshop.
  • All machinery in the metalshop requires an induction before use. Instructions on how to be inducted are listed on the machine’s tool documentation page on the wiki.
  • All safety and housekeeping practices are to be adhered to by anyone using the metalshop.
  • All HSBNE members have a responsibility to encourage other members to adhere to the policies.

3.1. General Safety

  • The HSBNE Safety Policy must be followed at all times inside the metalshop.
  • Enclosed footwear must be worn at all times in the metalshop.
  • Required PPE for each machine - as defined on the tool documentation page for that machine in the wiki - is to be worn when operating the machine.
  • Safe operating procedures must be adhered to at all times.
  • Walkways should, at all times, be free of obstacles.
  • It is recommended that there be at least one other person on site when using machinery.
  • Leave machines in a safe state, guards in place, tools put away etc.
  • Last one to leave follow all relevant closeup procedures outlined here:
  • Sweep down and clean the machine/bench and surrounding floor once you have finished your session in the metal shop.
  • Machines are to be used for their intended purposes. Tool abuse will be subject to a ban as per the dings & bans policy.
  • It is the responsibility of the members to return all tools and consumables to their correct area.
  • No personal tool boxes or tooling to be left in the metal shop. Take them home or leave them in your member’s box. Any member’s items found abandoned will be red ticketed as per the HSBNE ticketing policy.

5.1. Tooling and Consumables List

  • The metalshop team maintains a comprehensive tooling and consumables list.
  • Items found in the metalshop not identified in the tooling and consumables list will be red ticketed according to the HSBNE ticketing policy.
  • Adding or removing tooling or consumables from the list or modifying the minimum stocked quantity can only be performed at a metalshop team meeting.
  • Any metalshop team member may utilise the machine upkeep and consumables budget to purchase consumables when the consumable is at or below the defined minimum stocked quantity.
  • When purchasing consumables, the machine maintainer must be informed before purchasing tooling or consumables for a machine. If the machine has no maintainer, approval must be sought from the team leader instead.

5.2. Purchase of Metalshop Equipment

  • The metalshop team maintains a comprehensive equipment list.
  • All equipment is to be documented in the “tool documentation” section of the wiki.
  • The metalshop will advise the executive on which equipment should be prioritized to achieve the metalshop team’s vision.
  • Any equipment proposal requires an implementation plan before it is actually purchased.

6.1 Member's Project Storage

  • The current parking system is to be adhered to in the metal shop.
  • If your project is small enough to fit in your member’s box then it is to be stored in your box while you’re not on site.
  • If your project is too big to store in your members box, then you either take it home with you or store it in a pre-approved storage space outside of the metal shop with a parking ticket attached.
  • Approval may be given by the team leader for projects to be kept at the space overnight under the following provisions:
    • Work must continue within 16 hours of the member leaving the site. (ie. member finishes working on project at 5pm but must go home. Work must recommence by 9am the following day.)
    • All regular clean-up procedures are to be followed. (ie. All metalshop tooling & consumables are returned to storage and the workspace must be left clean between working sessions.)
  • You may propose your project to be stored in the metalshop at a metalshop team meeting before the project commences. Due to space limitations, it is not a given that the project will be approved. Your proposal must include:
    • what the project is,
    • where the project will be stored,
    • what the timeline is for completion.

6.2 Member's Raw Material Storage

  • Project raw materials may be stored on the designated racking under the following conditions:
    • the raw material fit onto one of the cantilever shelves,
    • a valid green parking ticket has been issued for the project, and
    • the steel is shrink wrapped together with a valid parking ticket visible and readable.
  • Sheet materials may be stored in the designated sheet storage area if a valid parking ticket is issues and fixed to the sheet(s).

6.3 Metalshop Boneyard

  • The metalshop will designate a boneyard area.
  • Anything in the boneyard may be taken and used by any HSBNE member.
  • Upon expiration of a red ticket in the metalshop, the material will be placed into the boneyard.
  • The metalshop team will make reasonable efforts to contact the owner of anything placed in the boneyard.
  • Members may add any scrap material they wish to the boneyard for others to use, or for disposal.
  • The scrap bin will be emptied on the first Tuesday of every month. Some good items may be kept.
Member Responsibilities
Ryan Marple
  • Team leader responsibility as per teams policy
  • Work with team to develop and achieve future vision for metalshop
  • Oversee wiki
  • Maintain surface grinder and related tooling & consumables
Dave Seff
  • Maintain all bandsaws and related tooling & consumables
Craig Rea
  • Maintain all lathes and related tooling & consumables
Eris Ryan
  • Maintain Kiln
  • Maintain HILDI
  • Maintain Heat Treat Oven

There is equipment in the metalshop not assign to any particular team member. This equipment will be maintained on an ad-hoc basis with responsibility allocated by the team leader. If you wish to see this equipment better maintained, please contact the team leader and ask about becoming a team member.

Project Member(s) Responsible Milestones
YAG Laser Commissioning Joshua Hogendorn
Eris Ryan
Surface Plate Commissioning Joshua Hogendorn

* 1 Aug 2021 - Make surface plate table with cover on top.

Grinding/Welding Curtains Eris Ryan

* 1 March 2021 - Legs and rails are ready for assembly.
* 1 June 2021 - Install frame into welding area.
* 6 July 2021 - Install curtains onto frame.

*Ongoing projects and milestones to be determined at first team meeting. Milestones are not currently accurate.

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