Press, Hydraulic - Renegade Industrial 20T

Aliases Shop Press
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Machine is working as expected.

This machine requires induction to use.

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Required Always wear AS/NZS 1337.1 compliant safety glasses while operating this machine.
Required Enclosed shoes are required, no open sandals, thongs etc
Name Value
Maximum Load Capacity 20,000kg / 20 Ton
Working Length 0mm-710mm
Stroke Length 150mm
Weight 68.5kg
Width 590mm
Depth 540mm
Height 1500mm

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Known Identical Models

  • Generic hydraulic press. Many replacements are available.
Date Description Workaround Proposed Remediation
Date Modified By Description Remediation Cost
Image Category Accessory Name & Notes Location Buy from
PLACEHOLDER Image, 100 width Press Blocks Solid Press Blocks
Used to support items being pressed.
On or next to press.
Press Blocks Press Blocks with Cutout
Used to support items being pressed.
Cutout present to allow shafts to be passed through or can support cylinders when placed on their side.
On or next to press.
Lever Arm Lever Arm
Used to actuate hydraulic cylinder.
On or next to press.
Image Category Accessory Name & Notes Location Buy from
Interval Task
Quarterly Inspect hydraulic cylinder and integrity of stand.

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Named Maintainer Trainers Cause Membership Implementer
Modification and Repairs - AC C I I I R
Induction changes C RACI RC I I I R

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Ref / ID Pre-Mitigation Mitigations / Warnings / Remedies Post Mitigation
Risk Risk Severity Risk Likelyhood Risk Level Risk Severity Risk Likelyhood Risk Level Acceptable to Proceed
0001 PLACEHOLDER DEATH Intolerable Probable 11 PLACEHOLDER Induction to train users in correct usage Low Improbable 1

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0000 Example decision Provides an example 08/08/20 JH Approved JH 08/08/20 A line was put in the register
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