Welder, TIG - Weldmaster 200P VRD

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Machine is working as expected.

This machine requires induction to use.

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Required Enclosed shoes are required, no open sandals, thongs etc
Required Wear a welding helmet while welding
Recommended We recommend the use of a respirator when welding fumes are generated
Recommended Wear heat-resistant welding gloves when welding
Recommended Wear flame retardant clothing while welding
Name Value
Power Supply Single Phase, 240V, 15A
Maximum Amperage 200A
Operation Modes AC, DC, TIG, MMA, Pulse

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Machine is no longer available for sale or supported by supplier.

Known Identical Models

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Date Description Workaround Proposed Remediation
01/01/2020 Slow leak in argon bottle - non-hazardous but wastes gas Always close argon after welding Unknown
Date Modified By Description Remediation Cost
31/12/2020 Ryan Marple Basic current dial faulty only allowing current to be adjusted up to ~120A and going to 200A above this range. Replaced fault potentiometer. All other potentiometers that had readily available replacements have also been replaced. $21.09
Image Category Accessory Name & Notes Location Buy from
PLACEHOLDER Image, 100 width Electrode Holder TIG Torch
Use for TIG Welding
Hung on TIG welding stand
PLACEHOLDER Image, 100 width Electrode Holder Stick Electrode Holder
Use for stick Welding
Hung on TIG welding stand
Image Category Accessory Name & Notes Location Buy from
43848-cigweld-5-pack-1-6mm-collect-hero-bg10n23r.jpg Torch Parts Collets 1.6mm, 2.4mm & 3.2mm
Copper collets used to hold tungsten electrode
Total Tools
43855-cigweld-2-4mm-collet-body-suits-17-26-18-tig-torches-5pc-hero-bg10n32r.jpg Torch Parts Collet Bodies 1.6mm, 2.4mm & 3.2mm
Copper collet body used to house collets
Total Tools
argon.jpg Welding Gas Argon Gas
Inert gas used for TIG welding
Tied to TIG welding stand
Torch Parts

Sizes 6, 8 & 10 are supplied
Use the smallest practical gas lens to preserve gas.

Stored inside TIG kit located in welding cabinet. Hampdon
#6 Cups
#8 Cups
#10 Cups
Interval Task
Quarterly Check condition of electrical cables and gas lines.

Task / Action Executive Cause Leader
Cause Team
Named Maintainer Trainers Cause Membership Implementer
Modification and Repairs - AC C I I I R
Induction changes C RACI RC I I I R
Replace argon cylinder - RACI RC I I I R
Purchase approved consumables - RACI RC I I I R

Ref / ID Pre-Mitigation Mitigations / Warnings / Remedies Post Mitigation
Risk Risk Severity Risk Likelyhood Risk Level Risk Severity Risk Likelyhood Risk Level Acceptable to Proceed
0001 Flash Burn - Eyes Intolerable Probable 12 Provide functional, modern welding helmets.
Enforce use of welding helmets while welding.
Tolerable Improbable 4 Yes
0002 UV Burn - Skin Undesirable Probable 9 Recommend use of protective clothing in induction. Acceptable Improbable 1 Yes
0003 Burn - Contact With Hot Components Undesirable Probable 9 Provide welding gloves .
Training in handling hot materials included in induction.
Acceptable Improbable 1 Yes
0004 Fire Intolerable Probable 12 Maintain clean workspace in welding bay.
Remove all flammable media while welding.
Train members in reducing fire risk.
Recommend use of fire resistant clothing
Tolerable Improbable 4 Yes
0005 Inhalation of toxic fumes Intolerable Probable 12 Inform members of dangerous materials to weld.
Ban welding of high toxic materials (ie. cadmium).
Provide good airflow to welding bay.
Tolerable Possible 5 Yes
0006 Electric Shock Intolerable Probable 12 Recommend use of thick rubber insulated shoes.
Periodically check condition of cables.
Include training in induction of safe machine setup procedure.
Tolerable Improbable 4 Yes
Ref / ID Decision Details Impact Proposed Date Proposed By Status Approved By Date Resulting Actions and Comments
0000 Purchase welding masks & gloves to replace old ones. Encourages use of proper PPE by having good quality equipment readily available. Reduces barrier to members who do not own welding PPE. 29/12/2020 Ryan Marple Pending Approval General Meeting 12/01/2021
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