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Location No area is currently assigned to the cause
Cause Team Scott (Siridar) Wilson
Objective To support members in providing tools and space for the maintenance and modification of their vehicles, as well as classes to introduce members to the basics of car maintenance.
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Operating Policy Operating Policy should be split out into it's own page
  • Please leave whichever area you work on your vehicle in as clean or cleaner than you found it. If you are working with fluids (oil, coolant etc), work near a drain and be prepared to degrease the concrete if you have a spill.
  • Please return tools to their homes.
  • Do not dump used oil or other waste fluids at the space. If the blacksmithing cause is currently accepting used oil, it may be donated appropriately. Alternatively, transfer your old oil to an empty oil bottle (we try to keep a few of these on hand), then leave it in the oil dumpster at a participating Supercheap Auto location - they provide this service for free. Brisbane City Council also provides guidelines for disposing of garage waste, along with free drop-off days for these fluids. If you need to dispose of a car battery, check Gumtree/Marketplace for lead recyclers who will often collect it for free (maybe even pay you!).

Monthly Consumables Discretionary - $100. This is a discretionary budget for the Cause Leader

Find a home for the cause so that we can begin acquiring tools and equipment.

  • Clean up whichever place you work. Plan ahead for the mess you will make, and be prepared for the cleanup.
  • Clean any tools you use.

A cleaning plan will be implemented when the cause has a designated area.

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