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The greenroom kiosk

Location All networking cabinets on site and the server room.
Cause Leader Jaimyn Mayer (@jabelone)
Objective To ensure HSBNE infrastructure is kept secure and up to date, adequately maintained, and fit for purpose to ensure efficient operations and site security.
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Operating Policy See below

The primary goal of the infrastructure committee is to ensure HSBNE infrastructure is kept secure and up to date, adequately maintained, and fit for purpose to ensure efficient operations and site security. The primary task of the infrastructure cause is to develop, install, and maintain the physical or digital infrastructure and services needed for the operation of HSBNE.

“equipment” - can be physical or digital resources.

“core infrastructure” - is anything that’s vital for HSBNE to function and is defined as the list of equipment requiring supervision.

“active role“ - For the purpose of this operating policy, a member has an active role in HSBNE infrastructure if they meet any of the following requirements:

  • Over the last 3 months they have contributed at least 5 hours to maintaining core HSBNE infrastructure.
  • They are the primary maintainer of at least one piece of core infrastructure.

This cause can:

  • Make decisions and amend this operating policy in ways that directly assist them with their goals and tasks, however the following applies.
    • The outcome of any major decision must be posted on the official communications medium prior to, or at the time of, going into effect.
    • Any decision that is likely to impact more than a reasonable number of members (e.g. changing the WiFi password) must be made public prior to going into effect, and include a reasonable consultation period.
  • Spend the budget in the way as defined below.
  1. All members must be inducted on equipment that requires induction before using or maintaining it.
  2. All members must be supervised by a current supervisor (or be one themselves) on equipment that requires supervision before using or maintaining it.
  3. Don’t create mess in any cause maintained area.
  4. Ensure you read the wiki page for a piece of equipment before attempting to perform any maintenance or upgrades.
  5. Keep a change log of all major upgrades/maintenance performed on the relevant wiki page.
  6. Before introducing a new piece of equipment, it should be documented on the wiki.
  7. Purchases from any discretionary budget may be approved at the discretion of the cause leader or by 3 other cause members.
  8. All purchases must be publicly disclosed on the official communications medium of the association.
  9. No personal members materials, tools or other belongings may be stored in cause maintained areas unless it is being used as part of a maintenance or upgrade project.

Equipment that requires induction

  • HSBNE Zigbee network
  • Greenroom status display
  • Externally facing displays/signage (such as the open light and LED banner)

Process to become inducted (also known as a maintainer)

Please approach the cause leader or any members who are current maintainers of the piece of equipment you’d like to be inducted on. They can help guide you to become inducted.

Equipment that requires supervision

  • Membership portal
    • This is an externally developed (in consultation with HSBNE) piece of software. Any contributions must follow their guidelines. However, any version upgrades etc fall within the scope of a supervisor.
  • Porthack01/03, and the greenroom kiosk
  • Access system
  • Door controllers and interlocks
  • Internet connection
  • Site WiFi and IP network
  • CCTV camera system

Process to become a supervisor

Similar to other causes, becoming a supervisor of HSBNE infrastructure means you’re willing to contribute a greater and more regular amount of time to help with maintenance and upgrades. It is not a shortcut to get access to make changes to our router settings, etc. Final discretion on becoming a supervisor of cause maintained equipment rests with the cause leader.

In order to become a supervisor of a piece of equipment, you should be able to say yes to all of the following:

  1. I can point out a list tasks that I’ve recently done to help maintain or improve the piece of equipment (ask a current supervisor if you want some to do!).
  2. I am competent and experienced enough to use/configure it without causing unreasonable service disruption.
  3. I have an in depth knowledge of how the piece of equipment works and any oddities or “quirks” it may have.
  4. As a rough guide, you should have at least 5-10 hours of hands on use/experience with the piece of equipment.
  5. I know how to diagnose and repair this piece of equipment when it malfunctions or stops working correctly.
  6. I have an active role in HSBNE infrastructure - this is a hard requirement and ensures that all supervisors stay up to date. If you stop meeting this requirement your supervisor status may be removed. This also avoids the “too many cooks in the kitchen” anti pattern.

All purchases made by this cause must be for the sole purpose of assisting the cause with completing their goals and tasks. All discretionary budgets are sourced from general HSBNE funds (per this meeting).

The following budgets are available to the infrastructure cause:

  • Monthly maintenance discretionary - $150. This is for the purpose of maintaining existing HSBNE infrastructure.
  • Quarterly upgrades discretionary - $300. This budget can be used every 3 months to buy new HSBNE equipment for the purpose of upgrading core infrastructure.
  • Emergency repairs discretionary - $500 - This budget can only be used to perform emergency repairs on HSBNE infrastructure where it would be unreasonable to wait for a cause or general meeting. Once this budget is used up, it needs to be topped back up with a vote at a general meeting.
  • All other purchases and budgets must be approved at a cause meeting.
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