Getting around in the Woodshop

Hi and welcome! If you are a new member or you might have forgotten how things work, this page should help you to get around the woodshop. Next, you will find different headings that go through particular aspects of the shop. If you can't find what you are looking for in them, you might want to check the FAQ. As well is always good to ask in the woodworking channel on discord and engage the woodworking team members personally.

The space doesn't provide “official HSBNE” classes or workshops related to woodworking, having said this if you have a little bit of DIY spirit in you you can always learn. In our inductions, you might pick up some tips and tricks about woodworking, but the best way you can do to learn is to ask other members in the space. A lot of members have had improved their skills or built a whole knowledge base from zero by following the advice of senior members. We have different communications means, such as discord or the forum, where you can engage the community and prepare for your next project. Coming on Tuesday nights is as well a good way of improving your woodworking.

On the other hand, we always welcome people who would like to run classes/workshops in our facilities. If you like to run some kind of class or workshop you should definitely engage the woodworking team with your proposal. Our facilities are open to run paid classes, free classes, good and bad classes. Everything is possible, we just need to organize it so at least people are aware of it and they can know if the shop or some machines are not gonna be available.

The woodshop is a community shop, and if that's not clear to you, there's a COMMUNITY that uses this shop. To understand how this shop works and what it is its intention you really need to understand the afore mention. Next, there are a couple of guidelines and rules that will help you to get around, be welcomed and help others. Be aware that the following are meant to keep this shop working while a community is using it, a one men's shed/shop mentality will not work in our situation.

Things you should be doing all the time

  • Clean after yourself. The use of a vacuum instead of a broom is highly encouraged.
  • Empty the bins on the skip in the entrance. If you get to the bin and it's full, is your time to empty it.
  • Keep all works other than woodworking outside the shop.
  • If you are doing any “dirty jobs” you should provide supplies in order to keep your mess from damaging the shop (eg. Put news paper to cover any spillages, apply proper techniques to avoid staining things, etc.)
  • Do not use the benches as sacrificial. If you need to have a supporting piece below your material, please check if you can find an offcut on the racks or provide yourself which such materials.
  • Always use dust collection.
  • Empty the dust collector bin. If the dust collector stops on a “full signal”, you have to investigate the issue and properly empty the bin if needed.
  • If you spot any damaged machine or tool, please report it to the woodworking team.
  • Don't attempt to fix things on your own. Always report first, and then we will decide on a proper solution for it.

You're gonna find different tools are your disposal throughout the shop. Most tools you can come and use them providing you abide the following:

  • Use the tool for its intended purpose
  • Woodshop tools should only be used inside the woodshop, if you need to use a woodshop tool outside the shop as an exception you should bring it back and put it in its place and soon as you're finished.
  • Once you're finish with a tool, please put it back in it's place (check for labels and foam inserts to help you).
  • Clean after yourself. The use of a vacuum instead of a broom is highly encouraged.

Some stationary machines require induction to be used. please read this.

The woodshop keeps a few consumables available for the general membership. You're welcome to use these consumables within reason. This means that the consumables are there so members can get buy, no need to buy a litre of glue when you just need to glue two pieces together. Now if you want to use 200 screws for your project, maybe is better to make a bunnings run before coming in. If you went crazy with your project and used a lot of materials you can always make a donation in cash or spacebucks.

Hereyou can find a complate list of these consumables.

As you might know, some tools in the shop require induction to gain swipe access on them.

Inductions are an administrative step that you need to take in order to get clearance to use a machine. The scope of the inductions is to teach you the operational basics so you don’t get hurt nor damage the machine. While some inductions will give you some knowledge on basic operations is up to you to start your learning journey after you got inducted. Once you get inducted you are accountable for anything that happens to you, others around you and the machinery. Obviously you can always ask for help to improve yourself, and in case of doubt is always good to ask before doing anything wrong. Good places to do this is in person, or online, through the forums and discord.

At the moment the only machines that need induction to be used are:

All the other tools can be used on-demand, having said this, be aware that you are the only person accountable for your safety, the safety of others around you and taking care of the tools. If you are trying to learn how to operate the machinery you can always ask around, try Discord, the forums or join the woodshop meetings.

In general terms, the inductions get organized through a fortnightly forum post, except for the panel saw which has its own induction schedule (more info here). This post is generally named “Poll for inductions between xx/xx/xxxx and xx/xx/xxxx). In this post you can vote and indicate your primary intention, then the woodshop team will post the dates and links to the Eventbrite event on that same post. If you can't find a suitable time, you can always ask to juggle things around, just bear in mind that volunteers who ran the woodshop team have other tasks to attend and as well there are other members who have their own time schedules. Please pay attention to the description of the event because there are a couple of things that you need to comply with.

At the moment inductions are “free” for members, basically, they are sustained by the volunteer work of the woodshop team. You can always donate an amount of money of your liking when you are signing through Eventbrite. We really appreciate this help.

The woodworking team has a commitment of 1 induction per week, this includes the table saw assessment, nevertheless sometimes we might throw more inductions in the mix, depending on the circumstances. Generally you should be able to get fully inducted into the whole shop in less than a month.

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