Woodworking Team

Leader Ale Moré
Members - John Mills
- Ryan Kirkpatrick
- Matthew de Araujo
Locations Managed - Woodworking Shop
- Dust collection in orange container
Communications Discord Chat
Meeting Times Digitally, Mondays at 19:00. If you wish to attend the meeting let one of the team members know.
  • Provide a safe and clean environment in the woodshop.
  • Maintain machines in the woodshop and run regular inductions.
  • Supply and manage consumables for the woodshop.
  • Maintain accessibility and documentation for woodshop assets and procedures.
  • General oversight of the woodshop.

We have identified the following objectives to be completed by July of this year. Many of the objectives are slated for completion well before July (especially inductions).

* Commissioning new tools.

  • An induction will be made for the new Bosch mitre saw. While the induction is being made, and for a grace period afterwards, the old Hitachi mitre saw will be kept for members to use.
  • An induction will be made for the panto-router. The router table induction will be a prerequisite.

* Formalised CNC inductions.

  • Before a formal induction is made for the CNC it will be fitted with an interlock. Once an interlock is fitted, an induction will be put together, formalizing the existing process.
  • The rough idea for the induction will be a three part processes consisting of demoing the machine, a practice job will be done with limited assistance, and finally an examination with no assistance.

* Automated dust collection. The blast gates and dust collector will be automated so that relevant functions can be operated from the normal operator position of each machine. [See here for more details](https://forum.hsbne.org/t/automated-dust-collection/4411/13).

* Fitting out and organizing the shop.

  • The wall sheeting will be completed and will allow for the clamps, power tools, and other items currently hanging on the wall or scattered around the shop to be organized and accessible.
  • The mezzanine will be organized.

* Selling old machines.

  • The donated Waxminster jointer will be sold.
  • The old Hitachi mitre saw will be sold after the new mitre saw has an induction and a suitable grace period has elapsed.

200$ monthly non-accruing

$4500 per year. Capped at $750 per month (the cap can be override by the treasurer or the exec in case of need).

$1000 that must replenished at a general meeting.

Member Responsibilities
Ale Moré - Leader
- Machine maintenance
- Inductions
Ryan Kirkpatrick - Workshop organization
- Cleaning
- Wiki documentation for teams things
- CNC Inductions
John Mills - Socials
- Stock management
Matthew de Araujo - Tool wiki updates
- Creating tool usage documentation
- Assisting with creating the CNC induction.

If you want to know how the day-to-day in the shop works, general information about inductions and our idiosyncrasies you want to check this article.

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