Woodworking Team

Leader Ale Moré
Members - John Mills
- Ryan Kirkpatrick
Locations Managed - Woodworking Shop
- Dust collection in orange container
Communications Discord Chat
Meeting Times Digitally, Mondays at 19:00. If you wish to attend the meeting let one of the team members know.
  • Provide a safe and clean environment in the woodshop.
  • Maintain machines in the woodshop and run regular inductions.
  • Supply and manage consumables for the woodshop.
  • Maintain accessibility and documentation for woodshop assets and procedures.
  • General oversight of the woodshop.

Immediate (End of June):

  • Create a stock management system
  • Commission the new drop saw.

Mid Term (End of September):

  • Commission the Panto-router
  • Complete the hand tool revamp

Long Term (End of December):

  • Automated dust collection

Trello link: https://trello.com/b/MMzPU7Rk/woodshop-team

Invite link: https://trello.com/invite/b/MMzPU7Rk/b88c57ca8a71207ecdd834db74f927b3/woodshop-team

200$ monthly non-accruing

$4500 per year. Capped at $750 per month (the cap can be override by the treasurer or the exec in case of need).

$1000 that must replenished at a general meeting.

Member Responsibilities
Ale Moré - Leader
- Machine maintenance
- Inductions
Ryan Kirkpatrick - Workshop organization
- Cleaning
- Wiki documentation
John Mills - Socials
- Stock management

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