Bandsaw, Horizontal - Hafco BS-7DS

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Official Maintainer Phil Juric


Note: If the machine has issues starting, isolate immediately and contact Phil Juric

This machine requires induction to use.

Book an induction in Eventbrite.

Required Always wear AS/NZS 1337.1 compliant safety glasses while operating this machine.
Required Enclosed shoes are required, no open sandals, thongs etc
Required Restrain hair while operating machine
Prohibited Loose clothing and jewellery not to be worn while operating this machine.
Recommended We recommend hearing protection.
Warning Entanglement hazard present while wearing gloves.
Maintenance Disconnect power to the machine before performing maintenance, including wheel changes
Name Value
Motor Power 750W 240V
Blade Size 2362x19x0.8
Rectangular Capacity @ 90° 215mm X 178mm
Rectangular Capacity @ 45° 140mm x 85mm
Blade Speeds 24, 41, 61, 82mpm
Mitre Angle Limits -45°, +45°
Weight 165kg
Date Description Workaround Proposed Remediation
Date Modified By Description Remediation Cost
17/11/2020 Eris Ryan Fletcher Barnes had breaker tripping Tested fine. 10M Ohm to earth. Put back into service. $0
08/12/2020 Eris Ryan Blade not moving Blade had come loose, reattached and tightened $0
08/12/2020 Ryan Marple All bandsaw blades dull Purchased 2 new bi-metal blades $110
08/12/2020 Ryan Marple Fasteners holding cover require different tools to open Replaced fasteners with wing screws $20
04/01/2022 Dave Seff Repaired water damaged interlock Replaced contactor $70
Image Category Accessory Name & Notes Location Buy from
Image Category Accessory Name & Notes Location Buy from
penritesolubleoil.jpg Coolant Penrite Soluble Oil
Mixed with water to create cutting fluid.
Stored in metal shop chemical cabinet Penrite Soluble Oil 20L Drum
Blade 2362 x 19 x 0.80mm Bandsaw Blade
Bi-metal blades are preferred due to their longer lifespan than regular blades. The preferred blade is bi-metal 6-10TPI.
Hung above metal shop chemical cabinet 6-10TPI Bi-Metal Blade (Preferred)
4-6TPI Bi-Metal Blade
10-14TPI Bi-Metal Blade
6TPI Carbon Steel
8TPI Carbon Steel
10TPI Carbon Steel
14TPI Carbon Steel
Interval Task
Daily Top up coolant tank with tap water
Weekly Oil vice lead screw and machined surfaces

Task / Action Executive Cause Leader
Cause Team
Named Maintainer Trainers Cause Membership Implementer
Modification and Repairs - AC C I I I R
Induction changes C RACI RC I I I R
Daily Maintenance - - I - - - R
Weekly Maintenance - - RAI - - - R
Changing Blade - - - - - - R
Setting cut angle - - - - - - R

Ref / ID Pre-Mitigation Mitigations / Warnings / Remedies Post Mitigation
Risk Risk Severity Risk Likelyhood Risk Level Risk Severity Risk Likelyhood Risk Level Acceptable to Proceed
0001 Projectile Intolerable Probable 12 Induction required.
Require use of appropriate PPE.
Low Possible 2 Yes
0002 Entanglement Intolerable Probable 12 Induction required.
Discourage glove use during operation.
Prohibit long hair & jewellery.
Low Possible 2 Yes
0003 Laceration/Dismemberment Intolerable Possible 11 Induction required.
Require use of appropriate PPE.
Low Improbable 1 Yes
0004 Heat burn from workpiece Undesirable Possible 8 Induction required.
Always ensure coolant is working properly.
Feel workpiece temperature before grabbing it.
Low Improbable 1 Yes
Ref / ID Decision Details Impact Proposed Date Proposed By Status Approved By Date Resulting Actions and Comments
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