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Murray Wayper

Kyia Bourne

Ryan Flaherty

Timothy Reichle

Chris Curran

Glenn Evans

Frank Lee

Ryan Marple

Paul Rankin

Ben Jackson

Duncan Greer

David Seff

Joshua Hogendorn

Ale More

Brett Wilkins

Chris McGwinn

Ross Taylor

Eris Ryan

Zac Marcus

Zac Forrester

Fraser Paterson

Opened : 20:04


Mechanical team - unexcused absence

Acknowledgement of Country

HSBNE acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we meet today, the Yuggera and Turrbal people, and pay our respects to Elders past and present.

Review of last meeting minutes


Moved to be accepted: MW

Seconded : JH

Update from treasurer on the groups finances

7K in primary

15K in Saving

Approximately 5K across Teams


Met with Vanessa Altun (EDQ) and Heather Howard (CBRE) regarding the Lease and EOI


They rejected my offer of $12529/yr for rent and came back with $13337.76 ex


  • Proportion of outgoings
  • Cleaning
  • Fire services
  • Rates

Does NOT include water charges, which is the amount I deducted off their proposal so that would be billed separately. (approx $550-$650/mo)

They will be sending the amended rates doc this week. Fundamentally, the total outlays will be paid regardless of inclusion in the terms sheet.

I have a draft copy of the lease. Much the same as last one but without some of the silly things, will need review.

Meeting invite forthcoming for the EOI discussion.

Safety inspections

Site visit last week. All safety concerns have been addressed and CBRE are glad to see progress.

Fire extinguishers will be up to date by the end of the month. Ongoing inspection is included in CBRE Rent.

Nick Klaassen of CBRE Facilities management has an access card for contractor access. General doors only, no tools access.

Strategy meeting 23/4/23 Discussed the high level goals.

  • Develop Local Relationships
  • Develop an emergency exit plan
  • Achieve Charity Status
  • Establish Store on Site
  • Grow Membership

Membership retention discussion lead to the forming of a welcoming committee look at reducing the friction of becoming a member with a view that they would likely stay.

Developing Community relationships will be key to our EOI response, this can be multifaceted.

  • Government recognition and influence
    • Local
    • State
    • federal levels
  • Partnerships
  • Arts (Superordinary)
  • Similar organisations
  • Brisbane Tool Library
  • Repair Cafes

Mailout to all members was drafted, still to be sent, calling for action and to contact their local MP and other call to action.

We need all members to participate in the HSBNE Improvement process.

What can we do?

Publicity - Get an instagram account, use tags #northshore #theworkshops #hsbne #hackerspacebrisbane every time you visit site.

Next Strategy meeting - 10 am 21th may

Woodshop power quote has been sent to CBRE for final stage 4 second tier triplicate approval.

Teams and OUs Reports


Sell old TIG and Transmig.

a. Prefer to sell these and eventually replace the MIG with a new one that has the same capacity.


The Woodshop will be running an open day in June. The tentative date for this is the 03/06/2023 from 1000 to 1600

https://wiki.hsbne.org/meetings/teams/forge/20230416 No power out to forge currently. An extension lead must be run to power lights during work at night time. Digifab Bambu is operational and inductions are ready and will be put on the wiki shortly EB inductions for Bambu

Meetings overdue

Light table is glassed. NO KNIVES

Next meeting will prepare budget for plumbing

Painting of miniatures is available in a painting enclosure

Need a team leader or delegate.



Large project - epoxy/wood desk


Tsagadai - Chris Curran

three pieces roughly 2000-2500mm x 600-900mm x 120mm

Timeline : 1 month

Proposal retracted - this can be done without large project proposal

Proposal: Sell Old Tig and CIG Transmig 350 - Passed unanimous


Working Bee

Saturday 27 May

  • Hazard cabinet cleaning
  • First aid cabinets
  • Surrender cabinet
  • Cleaning blue rack storage

General Items

Frank introduced Chris, a qualified First Aid trainer the committee is working out a plan for training of members.

Kyia raised a potential advertising opportunity and will provide more details.

The blue racks are being cleared if you don’t move your stuff it is now in the boneyard.

CAPEX Discussion

YAG optics to purchase.

Closed : 21:10

Signed by President

Date Name

Signed by Treasurer



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