Blacksmithing & Casting Team

Team Lead Alex Wixted
Team Members - Jess Wessling
- Fraser Paterson
- Zack Forrester
- Zac Marcus
- Robert van der Kreek
Locations Managed Blacksmithing and Casting Area
Communications Discord Chat
Meeting Times Third Sunday of every month around 10am at HSBNE. Check Discord & Forums for confirmation
Meeting Minutes Forge Team Minutes
Area Improvement List Forge Team Taskade
Gas Forge Induction Gas Forge Induction Old Forge Induction Documentation
Casting Furnace Induction Casting Furnace Induction

The Blacksmithing & Casting Team manages all aspects of the HSBNE Blacksmithing & Casting Area

To build and maintain a welcoming, well equipped blacksmithing & casting area and community. To share knowledge and skills with those interested in the crafts of blacksmithing and casting.

Short Term Goal:
- Patch gap in roof
- Build stands for swage block & mandrel. (almost finished)

Medium Term Goal:
- Complete solid wall at end of shipping containers
- Design higher quality forge with replaceable components.
- Remove concrete wall footings.

Long Term Goal:
- 4 forging bays with sufficient forges, anvils, and other tools so that classes can be comfortably hosted in the forge area.
- Have the space own enough tooling that it is self-sufficient.

General Budget
Includes consumables and discretionary.
- $300/month accruing, capped at $1000.

Repair budget:
$1000 that must be replenished at a general meeting.

- blacksmithing coke
- grinding belts

Member Responsibilities
1 Alex Wixted
  • Team leader responsibility as per teams policy
  • Work with team to develop and achieve future vision for Blacksmithing & Casting Team
  • Oversee wiki
  • Maintain Power Hammer and related tooling & consumables
2 Jess Wessling
  • Run forge induction once per month
3 Fraser Paterson
  • Maintain all consumables
4 Zac Forrester
  • sweep and tidy Blacksmithing & Casting area once a month
5 Zac Marcus
  • 2IC
  • Keep wikis up to date
6 Robert van der Kreek
  • Maintain casting equipment and wikis
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