Blacksmithing & Casting Team

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The information on this page is a work in progress and does not necessarily reflect the current state or operating policy of HSBNE.

Leader Alex Wixted
Members - Jess Wessling
- Fraser Paterson
- Zack Forrester
- Zac Marcus
Locations Managed Blacksmithing and Casting Area
Communications Discord Chat
Meeting Times Check Discord & Forums
Area Improvement List Forge Team Taskade
Gas Forge Induction Gas Forge Induction Old Forge Induction Documentation In person induction still required

The Blacksmithing & Casting Team manages all aspects of the HSBNE Blacksmithing & Casting Area

To build and maintain a welcoming, well equipped blacksmithing & casting area and community. To share knowledge and skills with those interested in the crafts of blacksmithing and casting.

Short Term Goal:
- Erect Canvas Wall
- Ensure that basic functionality is achieved.
- Finish power hammer installation.
- Build stands for swage block & mandrel. (in progress, awaiting steel purchase)

Medium Term Goal:
- Complete solid wall at end of shipping containers
- Design higher quality forge with replaceable components.
- Remove concrete wall footings.

Long Term Goal:
- 4 forging bays with sufficient forges, anvils, and other tools so that classes can be comfortably hosted in the forge area.
- Have the space own enough tooling that it is self-sufficient.

General Budget
Includes consumables and discretionary.
- $300/month accruing, capped at $1000.

Repair budget:
$1000 that must be replenished at a general meeting.

- blacksmithing coke
- grinding belts

Member Responsibilities
1 Alex Wixted
  • Team leader responsibility as per teams policy
  • Work with team to develop and achieve future vision for Blacksmithing & Casting Team
  • Oversee wiki
  • Maintain Power Hammer and related tooling & consumables
2 Jess Wessling
  • Run forge induction once per month
3 Fraser Paterson
  • Maintain all consumables
4 Zac Forrester
  • sweep and tidy Blacksmithing & Casting area once a month
5 Zac Marcus
  • Keep wikis up to date
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