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Out of Order

Pantorouter will not be available until it has a stand, storage and all items documented.


This machine requires induction.

Induction process is doing this and that and then doing something or other.

  1. Start by reading the assembly guide on setting up and adjusting the pantorouter. you never know the condition it has been left.
  2. Complete the online induction course and correctly answer all the quiz questions.
  3. Book a practical induction to demonstrate your correct use of the router and that you understand all the parts.

PLACEHOLDER: This is where you can document the usage practices for the machine generally. If this section gets very long, then it should be part of a canvas course for induction. Don't document maintenance procedures here, please do that below in the maintenance section. Delete this line.

Preparation is key. You don't get extra points for freestyling a cut with this tool. Test the depth of cut and ensure that it doesn't gouge the bed. This will make for Sad Times™ for the router bit and and end to your project.

PLACEHOLDER: There is a large collection of PPE Icons in the “resources” folder. Please update these two columns with appropriate PPE recommendations. Columns of the tables are “Recommended/Required/Warning/Maintenance”, PPE Icon and Description. Delete this line.

Recommended We recommend hearing protection.
Recommended Please wear goggles or a face shield
Recommended Enclosed shoes are recommended, no open sandals, thongs etc
Maintenance Disconnect power to the router before changing bits, adjusting the table or your work
Length 520
Depth 400
Height 540
Name Value
Input power 530W
Output Power 270W
Min Speed 14.3K RPM

PLACEHOLDER: Document the manufacturer, things like contact person names, emails, phone numbers, product urls etc. Document the reseller we bought from, and any other sources for similar things. Delete this line.



  • Timbecon Australia
  • U6/3b Newlands Road, Reservoir, VIC 3073
  • E
  • M 03 9448 8300

Known Identical Models

  • This is the original and the best
Date Description Workaround Proposed Remediation
01/01/2020 PLACEHOLDER Describe the problem PLACEHOLDER Describe the workaround currently in place Placeholder Describe a proposed fix or solution
Date Modified By Description Remediation Cost
09/09/2020 Murray Wayper Assembly Initial Assembly $0.00
Image Category Accessory Name & Notes Location Buy from
Tenon Guide 54mm Tenon guide D020060 (x2) L54xW31xH12mm Pantorouter Storage Table
Tenon Guide 80mm Tenon guide D020052 (x2) L80xW31xH12mm Pantorouter Storage Table
Tenon Guide 80mm Tenon guide D020053 (x2) L80xW31xH12mm
Tenon Guide 106mm Tenon guide D020059 (x2) L106xW31xH12mm
Tenon Guide 132mm Tenon guide D020055 (x2) L132xW31xH12mm
Tenon Guide 132mm Tenon guide D020054 (x2) L132xW31xH12mm
Tenon Guide 157mm Tenon guide D020058 (x2) L157xW31xH12mm
Fence Stop Fence Stop D020092 x2
Roller Guide Roller D120005 L85xD6mm
Roller Guide Roller D020051 L85xD10mm
Roller Guide Roller D0200136 L85xD15mm
Roller Guide Roller D010135 L75xD20mm
Table Fence Table Centre Scale Fence D010146 Pantorouter table
Template Guide Variable/Fixed Space Dovetail Templates x 8
Template Guide Segmented Box Joint Templates x 8
Clamps Ratchet Table Clamps x 2
Router Bit Split Shaft Centering Jig x 1
Router Bit Centering spindle x 1
Dust Collection Dust Collection Hose
Image Category Accessory Name & Notes Location Buy from PLACEHOLDER Category of consumable PLACEHOLDER Consumable Name
PLACEHOLDER Consumable description and usage
PLACEHOLDER Description of where the consumable is stored PLACEHOLDER Link to where it can be bought
Interval Task
PLACEHOLDER Pick one: Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Biannual/Annual PLACEHOLDER Description of maintenance task and any relevant parameters

PLACEHOLDER A RACI is an important documentation process to let people know what ACTIONS can happen, and who needs to be Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed for each ACTION. Delete this line.

Task / Action Executive Cause Leader
Cause Team
Named Maintainer Trainers Cause Membership Implementer
Modification and Repairs - AC C I I I R
Induction changes C RACI RC I I I R

Ref / ID Pre-Mitigation Mitigations / Warnings / Remedies Post Mitigation
Risk Risk Severity Risk Likelyhood Risk Level Risk Severity Risk Likelyhood Risk Level Acceptable to Proceed
0001 Limb or Digit Severing or dismemberment Intolerable Possible 11 Induction process; safety equipment ; PPE Tolerable Improbable 4 -
0002 Damage to machine bed or table Undesirable Possible 8 Induction Process; Safety equipment Possible Acceptable 2 -
0003 Damage to router bit, work piece Tolerable Probably 7 Induction Process; PPE Acceptable Possible 2 -

PLACEHOLDER: A decision register is for general documentation when some decision is made regarding the tool. To change its location, mode of operation, to buy an accessory, to replace something, to change how it operates etc. Delete this line.

Ref / ID Decision Details Impact Proposed Date Proposed By Status Approved By Date Resulting Actions and Comments
0000 Example decision Provides an example 08/08/20 JH Approved JH 08/08/20 A line was put in the register
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